Filed taxes late but paid in full

Need help - if I am current on all taxes but filed late do i need to disclose ?

Yes, you need to disclose as it specifically asks if you have filed and/or paid taxes late.

When did you file and for what year? Were you owed a refund or did you owe taxes?

If you are all paid up and didn’t do it with a payment plan, I don’t see an issue. I don’t think that the question asks if you filed or paid late, I believe that it asks if you have ever failed to file.

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Yeah this one always tripped me up, but it says “In the last 7 years…have you failed to file or pay Federal, state, or other taxes when required by law or ordinance” So one could say filing late falls into this category because it wasn’t filed when “required by law”, which would be the day taxes are due. Again, just my thoughts.

Mention it. Just state when they were due, when you paid and if you paid any penalties or interest and that you currently owe nothing.

I’ve worked preparing taxes for the last 12 years or so . . . I take that to read more about the fact that you are not actually required to file each year. You only need to file if you have a “filing requirement”.

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I was paid in full before I filled out my security clearance. It was for 4 years and i had 2 refunds and owed on the other 2 years. I paid all penalties and taxes due.

If you filed late returns for four years, I would report it . . .

I did - I was paid in full with all penalties - 2 of the years had refunds - the last year was a significant refund that cancelled out most of the previous 2 years owed.

This is the only blotch - will it cause me to be denied?

No . . . It shouldn’t cause you to be denied. I have seen FAR worse. Be prepared to explain WHY you didn’t file those years and it needs to be a good, reasonable, explanation.

Unless the OP is trying to get a job at the IRS, they should be OK.

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When/how to fully explain?

Under Section 26.3, you should be able to enter the reason for the failure. You will likely meet with the investigator, in which you can elaborate.

Which agency is this for?

It is not for the IRS! Should i submit something in writing to investigator for the file?

If you have already submitted the SF-86, then there isnt much that you can do at this point… My suggestion would be for you to gather all relevant documents and write as much details about what happened. When you meet with the investigator, you can give the investigator the write-up and possibly the documents.

Hey Tahoe, can I ask how the process has gone? Have you been granted the clearance?