Financial letter SF86

I was sent a Financial Letter asking me to respond to some medical bills that was sent to collections in my name. They discovered this when they ran my credit check.

Do i initiate a repayment plan? and respond to the email accordingly

Does this narrow my chances of getting a clearance?

Please advice

Yes. One of the main reasons clearances get denied is due to financial irresponsibility.

Were there any instructions in the letter? That’s what you need to work on.

One issue is the debts that went to collections. The bigger issue is if you should have reported this in your SF-86 and failed to do so.

I have like 8 of the items listed 5 of them are not mine…

i didn’t declare them on SF86 because i didn’t even know about them until now.

Just tell truth. If they aren’t yours or you don’t recall details say that.

Ok. Thank You, also they are all medical Bills