FIS vs NBIB: Has Anything Changed?

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Six weeks have passed since the “grand opening” of the new National Background Investigations Bureau that took over from OPM’s Federal Investigative Services, but not a whole lot has changed on the surface except for the new name. In fact, when you compare OPM’s old FIS website to the new NBIB website, it is quite apparent that not…

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Somebody told me that the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will give DoD the authority/responsibility to conduct its own personnel security investigations, but I have not seen any mention of this in news articles about the NDAA. I thought he might be confused with the provision that DoD will provide a secure information system for the NBIB to use, but this guy says that basically they are bringing back the days when DoD did its own investigations.

Have you seen anything about this?

No the Senate just passed the proposed 2017 NDAA and the only provision in there wbout security clearance process was this:
(Sec. 215) Requires DOD, in consultation with the Directors of National Intelligence and the Office of Personnel Management to: (1) develop and implement a new security clearance information technology architecture; and (2) issue guidance establishing the respective roles, responsibilities, and obligations of the Secretary and directors with respect to the development and implementation of the system.

DISS, the system that will replace JPAS, is coming on line with an anticipated go-live date sometime in March 2017.

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I didn’t think they would go as far as to reconstitute DoD doing its own PSI work especially since they just came to this agreement about NBIB. Not that we cannot rule out such a move in the future.