Fmr. US Army Special Forces officer charged with providing US national defense info to Russia

Adjudicative Guidelines A, B, and C are quite strong in this situation.

" Former Army Special Forces Officer Charged in Russian Espionage Conspiracy"
August 21, 2020

Subject’s mother was born in former Soviet Union and subject’s wife was a Russian national until 2010.

Indictment here:

More anti-Russia hysteria. If the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow Russia will be blamed. How pathetic things have become.

It would probably help if these spies didn’t come from countries like Russia or China. You sound like a lot of those russian apologists watching Channel One (otherwise known as Goebbels Propaganda Channel) over there.

Dima, did you mean FIX news?

You are cute, FIX news. No, I meant exactly what I said.

I dont watch Perviy Kanal. Only Sputnik and RT for me :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

I looked at the documents linked above. This guy had lived and worked in Russia… not just visited… had some kind of disciplinary incident (relieved of command?) and STILL got picked up for SF. Then, after he left active duty, somehow he got a TS/SCI clearance (apparently with the Army) despite all his travels and foreign contacts… although he did get a letter advising him of the Army’s ‘concern’ in regard to this. Amazing.

The indictment is the indictment. You don’t have any argument.

As cute as Roswell Rachel over at MSDNC.

I didn’t know we were arguing? Making a point and arguing are two different things…although I do realize that in today’s environment only one view point is allowed and it has to be very PC.