Guideline D Issue Review

Hello all,

Been following the blog for a couple months now trying to see peoples responses on certain issues and I want the share my concerns for some honest feedback. I know ed and Amberbunny2 usually have good response as well as secret squirrel? and fedinvestigator? I have a feeling my feedback will be to talk to a clearance attorney but like I said I wanted some feedback on my what you think my chances are of getting a full scope clearance. My situation is as follows: married military member with ts clearance,3 incidents of prostitution (2015, 2016,2016)(not convicted/charged) and 6 incidents of visiting massage parlors 3 overseas (2012,2013,2013) 3 stateside(2015,2016,2018) (not convicted/charged as well). Have not but willing to disclose my situation to any person. Drug use possible? When I was in middle School some of my classmates told me to smoke out of an apple which I thought until now was just smoking out of an apple but I guess it’s weed after googling it. To my knowledge that’s all I the info I think pertains to the guidelines. Million dollar question is should I go in blind and disclose this to the interviewer or should I talk to a clearance attorney for further action? Really want my best shot at a continued clearance and thanks again for any input you may have.

First . . . You can pretty much forget about the middle-school pot smoking.

Some of the rest is a little unclear in my mind. You have current TS clearance? The prostitution and massage parlor incidents happened while you were cleared and haven’t been disclosed? You were married when these incidents occurred?

I’ll assume, for now, that I’m right on those points.

If you are being sponsored for another level of clearance, you’re going to have to fill out another SF-86. You will not be talking to an investigator first. This is the place to come clean. Don’t wait until your investigation. The limited number of occurrences and the fact that a few years have passed will work in your favor. But, two years is not a lot of time. You need to think about what caused the visits (marital issues, separation while you were overseas) and why they will not happen again (reconciliation, counseling, change of station). These will be your most valuable assets.

We can always recommend an attorney but I don’t usually recommend it until you know that there’s a problem. You’re not there yet. You should, however, understand that your current clearance is at risk as is your military career. This needs to be taken seriously.

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Thanks for keeping it real I really appreciate your candid response. Your are correct I do have a current ts clearance. The 2012-2013 incidents happened prior to my marriage and the rest 2015-2018 incidents happened while I was married and cleared. My wife and I have martial issues which I have failed to communicate which I believe lead to my visits. Additionally the 2015-2018 incidents happened while she was overseas and I was stateside. As far as reasoning my lack of sexual experiences in my life overall and being away from my wife I believe are major contributors to my visits. Do you see counseling helping me understand my actions further? It sucks but it seems I have to bite the bullet and I’ll disclose when I have to fill out a new sf86. Hopefully the additional information helped Ed and thanks again for any additional insight you may have, thanks man.

Everyone is going crazy with covid but I’m surviving just have to wait it out i guess. I wouldn’t mind chatting BH but I’m not sure how to DM besides replying. I might need to get a higher status since I know everyone is on a tier system on here so who knows. Looking into counseling to look into the root cause of my behavior maybe I can figure a little more about the why. I haven’t even received an sf86 to fill out so I’m still waiting for that first step like Ed mentioned

All good man and yeah it’s been tough but I haven’t received anything and I’m really just waiting to fill something out. I did complete counseling and got some good info. I also told my partner about it and I’m trying to get on the straight and narrow with her. Things are looking good but I have yet to face the wrath of the clearance gods once I do I’ll lay or all or and see what happens. If it goes bad all appeal and try year after year not giving up!