Does anyone know how often you need to re-examine for the Lifestyle poly? And how long does it take for it to be inactive in JPAS? I’ve used my Lifestyle back in October 19, I’ve started a new job only using my CI poly. I want to continue to use my Fullscope, so it won’t be an issue when apply for another using my Fullscope. Please help me understand!

Under the old rules, the “lifestyle” portion was a one-and-done thing while you were supposed to do the CI portion once every five years.

But due to the incredible backlog of polygraph requests, that five years usually turned out to be six or seven or even more. Now, I think the IC would like to do the lifestyle portion every five years as well but they realize they just don’t have the bandwidth.

So if you apply for a new job in the near future, I think any ‘successful’ full scope poly date should be sufficient. Maybe.

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Lifestyle sucks. CI is MUCH easier. I had the DIA poly guy ask me direct questions and didn’t beat around the bush. I was done in about an hour.

I think it varies a lot from person to person. For instance there was the guy I knew who was hyper self-conscious about answering every question in depth which led to the CI poly being expanded to full-scope, or at least addressing issues beyond the usual.