Marijuana Use as an Active Clearance Holder is Not Okay

Originally published at: Marijuana Use as an Active Clearance Holder is Not Okay | ClearanceJobs Blog

Marijuana use is becoming more prevalent as the number of states that legalize its use for medical or recreational use increases. Some have legitimate reasons for getting a medical marijuana card, e.g., relieves anxiety from PTSD or chronic back pain. Other use marijuana just to get high or to obtain that feeling of euphoria. With…

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What will happen when MJ is decriminalized on the Federal level? I’m surprised there has not been some sort of lawsuit for having a clearance revoked. Maybe there has and just haven’t heard about it. I think for many, Ideas about MJ changed once you have kids. Just sayin!!

Read the USN vs Egan ruling in 1988 (US Supreme Court).

I think we will see federal decriminalization within the next 5 years. The government and contractors are missing out on hiring a lot of great new US technical talent that doesn’t want to wear a suit every day and commit to never using marijuana on their free time. Misuse/addiction of prescription meds is the real underground crisis nobody is seeing or talking about amongst the upstanding non-marijuana using crowd.

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