One time Marijuana use as an ROTC cadet, now applying for TS

While I was a contracted cadet in the ROTC (secret clearance) I tried marijuana. I did not report any use at the time and it had not come up since.

It is now more than 2 years later and my unit and duty position requires a Top Secret clearance.

I’ve more than regretted the decision and would not use marijuana again, but I am terrified of the risks that this might take on my current clearance or my potential approval moving forward.

I have not finished filling out my SF86 but would like to know exactly how much heat I should expect while I’m at this junction.

The drug use question refers to use within 7yrs. If used in that timeframe it should be reported.

In the notes give a short statement use was once prior to full time military service when part of ROTC- assuming you are now full time.

With all issues, adjudication looks at the whole person and considers all details including reasons, regrets, and behavior after an issue.

Transparency is key.

I was a contracted cadet at the time so technically during full time military service.
As such I also had a secret clearance.

Would adjudication still apply in this case?

Adjudication is required to receive a final decision (whether favorable or a denial) in the security process.

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I’ve already decided to admit this of my SF86 I’m just concerned with how negatively this will effect my chances or how it can affect my current clearance/position.

I don’t know if you ever plan on joining an outfit on the civilian side of the government that requires a polygraph, but you messed up once, and all these boy scouts don’t have to live with the repercussions. If you don’t see yourself ever needing a poly, I don’t think you should have burned yourself.