PAR/SAP Denial?

Just was informed my PAR (Program Access Request, what is done to get an SAP clearance) was denied. I was told no reason/feedback was given by the customer (Air Force). And if they had given feedback the company wasn’t allowed to tell me what it was.

I’m assuming there’s no appeals or anything I can do at this point. Is there any way to request a reason? If it was due to some error I’d like to get that fixed. Or if one/several my (47) foreign contacts were a problem I could cut contact if another cleared job comes along. Or clean up something else.

I’m aware that PAR denial isn’t (necessarily) derogatory and won’t affect my DoD Secret clearance which I had to get in order to be submitted for PAR in the first place.

Talk to your Security Manager. Sometimes the verbiage in the PAR needs to reflect the need to get you on the program. Sometimes it can be a small administrative error. Or maybe it was the 47 foreign contacts.
See what your SM has to say.

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Well, thanks for the nudge. Security officer said it was the amount of foreign contacts that caused the denial. I agreed to cut ties with over half of them, so I’m going to be resubmitted. Hopefully it goes through this time.


PAR got approved!!!

I’ll start 10 months after applying, nearly 9 months after accepting the job offer.


did you appeal? how did it get approved?

My appeal consisted of asking security why i was denied, being told too many foreign contacts was the reason, offering to cut contact with most of them (not a big deal, all but a handful were work related and once I left my previous job there was little reason to maintain contact anyway), so they agreed to resubmit me.

So, not so much an appeal as a resubmittal with modified information.

My boss said after it was approved that he had never seen an initial denial reversed.