Paying off all your debts

If a person has may collections, charge offs etc, that are all paid off and no other debt, will this still be an issue?

So if they have zero debt with poor credit what then?

It will still be an issue because the conduct occurred within the scope of the investigation.

@nrc2112 - quit fretting about your situation. Frantically posting on this board will not get you the answer(s) you want or need. Bottom line - you decided to be financially irresponsible, allow debt to mound up and go to collections, and then when your PR comes up you want to suddenly fix everything. Trust me, an investigator and adjudicator will see right through this. I’ve seen plenty of people get removed from the federal civil service and lose their public trust for similar conduct.

Hi NRC2112 - Once your debt has been paid or satisfied for that account, then your score should go up.

For me - I am working with a legal firm and 3rd party with my current debt and I have a payment plan in place.
My debt will be paid off in the next 1-2 years. As part of the neg, once my debt is paid, they will correct my credit reports and take away the delinquent and charged off charges off, as if nothing bad happened.

Thanks, I paid off and settled all of my accounts. All are zero balance. My clearance attorney tells me I’m good. My issues stemmed from a death in my family.