Please help. Guidance needed

I don’t know if they will ASK for documentation but you should keep a summary of the program and proof that you completed just in case you have a chance to present it to anyone involved in your investigation.

This could be presented to an investigator or adjudicator or you can provide it as evidence in a written or open hearing.

Here’s one of the reasons that I try NOT to respond to you . . .

Read the OP! His CC, mortgage and equity lines are all current and you’re talking about OTHER debt that you THINK he might have . . .

If you are current, and riding along at a 650 FICO with no other issues…You should be okay on that specific topic. If you are sub 650, or 630…you will have something to discuss. What is your payment history these past 6 to 9 months? Life happens. We get behind, miss a payment. How did you respond to that life event, and where are you now? If not in a repayment plan, get in one. If you make all payments each month having debt isn’t a disqualifier in and of itself. Not servicing that debt can be.

FICO at 641 and climbing. No missed or,late payments, not behind on anything. Spoke to my security officer and he said not to worry because I provided proof that all delinquent debts have been paid off. He said he would be surprised if I even heard from DOE before my next clearance in 1 1/2 years. Does this sound right?

Roll with what your FSO says. Be sure you have a record of your communications with him/her.


I self reported this and he said that I did not even have to report this because it was not wage garnishment or bankruptcy. Does this make sense?

Exhaustive advice is the best advice, @EdFarmerIII .

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Yes Struff. It makes perfect sense. In my opinion it’s much ado about nothing. Not trying to minimize your situation, but there are situations that warrant an issue, and yours did not seem to meet that criteria.

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You may need sign an acknowledgement letter stating you understand the need to keep finances clean. But I think you will be okay. I am only concerned in my screenings if the person is well below 650. If they are in the 500’s…I will not submit. I would submit for a 641 and all previous debt repaid.

I am not sure I understand what you think may happen. I am not due for my investigation for another 1.5 years but I self reported the problem with statements that the bills were settled/paid off. Will they just wait until my investigation or will I hear something sooner? I submitted them last week and have not heard anything. Thanks

My client periodically reviews our finances. I also file a financial disclosure every other year. Our new employees file within 30 days, file the second year, and if the third year is their alphabet year, they file again. If they go non compliant at anytime, they need file the following year to show trends. On occasion I am given a letter for them to sign acknowledging their finances are being looked at and monitored. This is at the TS SCI Full poly cleared level. If you have 1.5 years to go and maintain or improve you will be fine. I wasn’t following the thread back to the beginning where you plainly stated that. Many posting here are waiting for a clearance.