Prediction on TS/SCI w/ CI poly suitability

Currently I hold a secret, granted in 2016. Received tentative offer to job requiring TS/SCI with Counterintel poly. Here are the issues:

  1. ate a piece of a weed brownie in march 2012 (can I remove this on my sf86 thats due in a week since it’s kinda almost 7 yrs ago?)
  2. in 2015, Condo almost went into foreclosure do to circumstances beyond my control (long story). Had a buyer so mortgage company agreed to postpone foreclosure since it was a full payoff. All debts were resolved from this and i’ve rented since and never been late on a payment Realtor listed on previous sf86 to corroborate my story if needed. Credit is good now 730.
    3… In fall 2017 (while cleared) I inadvertently took a puff off a vape thinking it was tobacco, it was weed. I felt so so bad and am paranoid now it’s going to ruin my life.

That’s it, no police/foreign/mental…etc issues.

Anyone have any guesses on my chances? Will I be denied an interim and/or final?

Just my opinion:

  1. Don’t worry too much about it. Even if you leave it off, you will get asked about it because it was reported on a previous form.
  2. Don’t worry about this one at all.
  3. The issue here is less about the fact that you took a puff. The problem is that you were with people who were vaping weed and you didn’t seriously enough consider what might be going on around you.

Do I think you’re a risk? No, not at all. Might you have trouble getting a TS/SCI? Yes, you might.

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Ok thanks for your input. Yeah I didn’t think anything of it bc it was my brother. Not sure if that makes it better or worse but I reported it to my security officer

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Having self reported is huge! I commend you. It can happen. Imagine in Colorado? It is everywhere. Hard to remove all your family if they are doing what is legal and you can’t use. Temptation is everywhere. Pressure to use is all over…and as we see more and more pot brownies are popping up as well as THC laced cola, chips chocolate etc. Can a one of hit on vape be pot? Sure. But this will come up more and more and more. Do not take it off the SF86. If it is within the 7 and 10 year required reporting, put it on there. If you reported it, say so on the form. Even better if you have a written email or documented meeting with the security person.

thank you, do you think I’d have a good chance or should I just not submit my equip for ts/sci. I’m worried I’ll get denied and it’ll affect my current clearance. Do you think I’d have any chance of an interim?