Prescription Drugs

Possible clearance applicant here. About five years ago, I took painkillers that were prescribed to me recreationally. I did this about a half dozen times. Recently, I injured myself and, to alleviate the pain, I took a leftover painkiller that was prescribed to me for a different, past injury. I’ve done this a couple of times over the past five years; it never occurred to me until recently that it might not be okay to reuse drugs in this way.

How do I address this on the SF-86? I assume I need to disclose the recreational use, but are the other uses something I would need to disclose? Also, how likely is this to result in a denial?

When you say recreational, do you mean to get high or you felt more pain and just used what you already had?

There’s a difference between abusing and treating a problem.

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This is misuse of a prescription drug. It will be questioned. Come clean, stop doing that. Your overall age at time of misuse may mitigate some of it. Time passed since then may mitigate a portion of it. But based on what you wrote you had a 5 year habit of misusing prescription drugs. If you were under the age of 24, have not done this in over 2 years, and are firm you will not do this again…you have a shot. I have seen applicant’s rejected for taking a military parents 800mg Motrin, which is the only strength the Air Force gives. And it is a prescription…but one pill is double strength normal dosage of 2 200 mg pills. Twice we were asked to pull back a package and wait an additional 6 months before resubmitting. We did and one still took 18 months to clear Secret. You will need speak to all of it as it is within the 7 year window. If you had 5 years in between the recreational use and the misuse (use for another injury) they may not connect the two. But it would be their prerogative.