Previous Drug Use - Vague on times / amount


I’m interested in applying for a security clearance in the near future possibly a secret clearance. The last time I’ve used illegal drugs was around 2011 / 2012 time frame, I was given some medicine but can’t remember the exact quantity but I think it was around 10 pills due to an injury and had smoked marijuana a couple of times off and on. I was denied a clearance in the early 2000s due to marijuana and would like to prevent a denial this time! It’s a long story which I’ll save you the headache of having to read as it was a being young and stupid to summarize, I’m not going to repeat that mistake again

I’m no longer doing any illegal drugs in the future and don’t have a drinking problem

So, my concern is the following, I approximate on the secret clearance, but if I want to try for a higher level clearance in the future with a poly that I would fail since I can’t remember the exact times and amounts

Thanks for the suggestions!

An investigator or polygraph examiner might want to get you to estimate what the upper limits might be, that is, what’s the most you could have taken, and what is the most recent date you might have used.

They’ll want to nail this down for the secret clearance most likely. Make sure you remember your answers because if there’s a discrepancy (even if it is because the investigator tried to get you to “round up”) it will attract attention if the answers don’t match.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve been trying to think about where I lived and the timeframe that it occurred as I didn’t make a journal, also both times are within 7 years but if I’m able to honestly say 2011 would be better then 2012 with more time lapsed.

Obviously I’m going to list my previous investigation on the new form, but I never kept the paper as I had submitted it to the company and didn’t make a 100 page photo copy.

How will the old investigation play into the new investigation and will I now have extra work with all investigation moving forward due to my stupidity in the past?

I’m hoping after resolving the issues in a new investigation that I could summarize that experience so I don’t have to always reference something from 12-15 years ago on new forms going forward, but the bright side is that I would have everything documented this time!

Also, since different agencies have varying criteria, I understand I would not be eligible for a clearance FBI or DEA since that would conflict with their principles?

[quote=“darkstar, post:3, topic:2270”]
How will the old investigation play into the new investigation and will I now have extra work with all investigation moving forward due to my stupidity in the past?[/quote]

Almost certainly the new investigator will have access to the old forms, along with any notes or reports that the investigators made at that time. If you met with an investigator those reports will include notes of any statements you made… which may not be 100% accurate (it happens)

Probably not eligible for a law enforcement position (Special Agent 1811) but could still be eligible for other positions.

Thanks for your time and responses to my questions! I’ve never seen special agent 1811 listed before when reading the various forums and I’m not familiar with the roles where that clearance would be required.

I’m trying to prevent issues for myself and the potential employer as the jobs I’ve reviewed have the phrase “ may be subject to investigation to access classified information “

Some will list the level, but others don’t clarify the requirement of the the clearance. I guess I could inquire before accepting the job, but I’m not sure if employer would be concerned if I probe about clearance requirements