Public Intoxication on Airplane Results in Clearance Denial

Originally published at: Public Intoxication on Airplane Results in Clearance Denial | ClearanceJobs Blog

In May 2020, a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor had her security clearance suspended after the latest alcohol related incident involving public intoxication (PI) on an airplane in 2019. Additionally, the contractor intentionally provided false information to the psychologist concerning her alcohol consumption. The Local Security Office (LSO) further alleged that she had a similar…

I have to say that the title of this thread is a bit misleading as there appears to be an established pattern of alcohol abuse here, not to mention the attempt to conceal some facts.

The arrest for DUI while in the outpatient program had to be the clincher.

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I don’t think this is possible, alcohol is gone from your system within 48 hours.

Yes the alcohol is gone but there are certain by-products from the metabolic process that can be detected for a while longer. And I believe that the more of a drinker you are, the longer they can be detected.

It never fails to amaze me how people who have gone through so many hoops to get a clearance are so willing to throw it all away for a moment of indiscretion.