Realistically do I have a chance?

So I’ve been delaying quiting and finding a new job because I’ve been waiting on my clearance results first. This is a secret clearance for a defense contractor. However I’m not sure if I honestly will get it or not.

The main points:

1)Foreign born family. All of them (that I’m aware of) have moved to the US. All have become citizens besides one family member who i live with. This country falls in the category of China,Russia,middle eastern countries, etc. However I was born in the US and have never been outside the country.

2)Drug use. Was heavy pot smoker around 18 (mid 20s now). Used in the 100s of times. Used shrooms once. Used Adderall before as well (not prescribed). Of course I also listed I bought illegally for consumption.

3)following drug use was hospitalized and diagnosed with a major psychotic disorder (think schizophrenia). Have been consistent afterwards in treatment for past 5+ years. Haven’t had any real symptoms of concern since diagnosis, and have been doing well academically and at my new job since graduating.

Not impossible. Not probable. It will take a long time to get cleared. You may even need another 2 to 3 years of no use, good living, excellent credit to clear. But if you are currently at 7 years…you may have already passed the first major milestone. The good news is past drug use can and is overcome with maturity. Your then undiagnosed medical condition may have led you to self medicate and you did not even know that. The heavy foreign born family and close affection part will take a while to work out. If you add the drug use up and the foreign born part…it may be a very steep hill to climb. But not impossible. DO you maintain dual status? Do you maintain passports?