Reinvestigation questions after suitability denial

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I have a situation that is somewhat complex and was hoping for some advice. I was in pre-employment processing and during the psych interview divulged I had browned-out while drinking once a year prior. There were no incidents associated with the incident - I walked home and went to bed, but I was and am completely ashamed of it. I am generally a moderate drinker who has not drank to excess since and had not done so for many years prior. The next year, I received a letter stating I had been denied suitability due to “excessive use of alcohol.” I submitted a letter appealing the decision, explaining the circumstances, and describing measures I’ve taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again, but I discontinued my processing shortly after submitting it.

It turns out that agency had granted me a TS clearance before denying me for suitability, and the company I work for as a contractor was able to pull that clearance over to them. The clearance is currently under periodic reinvestigation. This incident didn’t come up in my subject interview, and it honestly wasn’t on my mind because it was such an unusual thing. It has been over two and a half years since it took place.

Should I call my background investigator to bring this up and explain the situation?

I say no, wait to see if they bring it up. It could be that they have all the info they need and it is not a concern.

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SF-86 only asks for clearance denials. That being said, you may be asked about it depedending on the agency, no need to contact your investigator. If the agency wants it discussed, your investigator will contact you.