Hi I just received a letter saying that I needed to resolve a list of delinquent debts for fitness determination. Let me start by saying I made some poor financial decisions in my past. I didn’t intentionally ignore the debt but just wasn’t in the best situation financially to take care of these issues. I had a fairly decent paying job that I worked for 7+ years, but only able to make my monthly bill/rent payments… and was living check to check at the time. That’s no excuse but it’s the truth… if I could go back in time I would’ve at least made arrangements for payment plans on the accounts. I have 8 derogatory accounts that had to be addressed (approximately $8,000debt). 5 accounts have been settled and paid in full (medical bills/loans) 2 accounts (student loans) I have payment plans for. 1 account is from 2012 (loan) that I believe may be inaccurate but can’t prove. The account is no longer on my account as of this month it has fallen off and I can no longer see it on my credit report. I’ve had several loans over the years but don’t recall ever having one with them… (which does me no good because this issue has to be address or considered unaddressed.) I called the original debt collector for the account and they informed me that the account had been sold to another company so they couldn’t see anything but that the account had been transferred. I then called the company they gave me only for them to tell me the debt had been sold to a third company. Once I reached the company that supposedly has the debt in collections they couldn’t tell me anything regarding the loan not even a letter regarding this account. They just wanted the payment and told me it had to be paid then. I didn’t feel comfortable that they weren’t able to give me much information on the debt… and needed my full social and everything. The account is no longer in collections but I understand that I am still responsible for the debt if it’s mine… and I can’t even find it anywhere on my credit report which were pulled from (Experian, Transunion, Equifax direct sites. Let me also add that all of the other accounts have been resolved but weren’t resolved until receiving the letter. The week before I received some extra money and was able to resolve them. I have proof for all of the other accounts. What are my chances of getting a clearance? Please share your stories and or advice. Thanks

If you are currently disputing the debt, it is in the process of being resolved. Request documentation from the company that now holds it. Get as much information as you can.

If it’s not a large debt, offer them 40-60% as a settlement. It’s been through several companies each of which paid pennies on the dollar to get it. This company has far less in the loan than the total amount owed and may be interested in turning it over quickly at a decent profit.


Thanks so much… I actually did not dispute it I believe it hit its 7 year mark and just fell off. I was thinking that I should probably just go ahead and settle as well just didn’t want to admit to the debt if it isn’t mind, but it’s no longer on my credit report so there’s no way I could even dispute it so settling is most likely my only option.

Frequently I see credit concerns that the government has access to that do not show up on the big three. So how is an applicant with a recovered FICO score supposed to know there is a ding out there? Good question. You won’t. Ed is right they bought it for pennies, getting it resolved is in your best interest. If you cannot find that you owe the debt…always possible, dispute it. If it isn’t a big one and they will take less than the amount claimed…I would call it a win. You get credit for addressing it, they go away and you move forward with a credit score rising.


I’ve contacted them and they’ve agreed to let me pay settle with paying 40% of the loan in full and issue will be resolved. I’m going to take care of this account. Should I have any other concerns seeing that the accounts were not addressed until after receiving my letter regarding them… although I wasn’t in the position to address them before. I read that they may an issue.

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Always get your settlement in writing.

The issue you are going to be fighting, if i correctly understand your post, is that you have a SOR involving finances. This biggest hurdle is that the finances were not resolved or in a payment plan before the SOR.


All of my proof of settlements or payment plans were all mailed to me or either faxed, and you’re correct none of the accounts were addressed until after I filled out my equip and received a letter saying that the accounts needed to be resolved and that it would determine my fitness for the job. That’s what really concerns me😔

So you did not get a SOR, basically you filled out the OF 306 and the agency determined you are not fit for service. You will need to clean up your credit for the items on your reports. Settle, payment plans, disputes etc. Once your reports are clean, then you will need to reapply.

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If its not on the credit report, you will not be asked about it.

Did you read the post carefully? 5 accounts have been settled, 2 have payment plans setup, and 1 hasn’t been resolved, and I had 10 days to address these issues. They’re giving me the opportunity to give them an explanation for the delinquent accounts. No decision has made, and that 1 item is not showing up on my credit report now but it was at the time they pulled it so it to has to be addressed.

Update on my process!!! I just received an email from the agency that requested the background check… and it stated that I’ve received my tour preliminary clearance through homeland security. I understand this isn’t the official clearance but just grateful to be given the opportunity and hope everything else goes well through this process. Thanks to everyone that has been a help answering questions, and sharing your experience along the way. I will continue to keep you all updated. I have to take my drug test and tb test and they will be following up with me for my start date.

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