Responsibility of Cleared Personel

I would suspect that the response to that last question would likely be negative!

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Thanks for the advice but it is not needed . . . It’s not my politics or my voice that is at issue. It’s what I must put up with in work. I don’t care what my coworker thinks about the president. I didn’t like the previous one even a little bit.

The question was far more about what responsibility a cleared individual, inside of a classified DoD worksite, has when speaking about the president.

If Hillary had been elected, I would feel exactly about her that my coworker does about President Trump. But, I would keep my mouth shut during work hours.

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Thanks, I don’t think that because a person has a clearance that they now do not have freedom of speech. It’s the folks that do not say much that we should worry about.

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I know this post is old but…social media is where alot of people get themselves into “tight corners”. Yes, we live in a country blessed with the right to speak how we feel about political and governmental issues however, if you have a clearance and want to continue to have it without issues social media rants should be kept to a minimum. I have defended many employees in the past as a union delegate for what they felt was freedom of speech…(buzzer sound) Wrong! Some statements and opinions when viewed by a particular employer can be viewed (and skewed) as disruptive to the mission, if you will. Just my humble opinion

Everything has a limit, thanks for pointing out the obvious.