Tier 4 security clearance

I’m getting my security clearance but my dad is an illegal and I live with him in his house and I’m married to a Mexican national but I don’t have any records I don’t have collections I’m clean in everything will I get denied or is there a chance that I might get cleared. It’s on the secret not top secret

This is a common situation for many adult Americans such as yourself. Is your father’s status something you could be blackmailed or coerced about? Or is it an open and difficult situation that is common knowledge among the family and your community? Children cannot be held accountable for the actions of their parents decades ago. Just be honest about it all. Different agencies treat it differently, for most it is a small easily mitigated issue, however thoughts on this issue most likely vary from adjudicator to adjudicator. It’s a hot button issue and everyone’s human.

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A Tier 4 is not a “security clearance” which is national security and includes secret and top secret clearances, a Tier 4 is a Public Trust. Living with your undocumented father under his roof is a bigger issue than if you were not sharing living quarters. There will be extra questioning and the investigator will need to interview additional sources than normal so be prepared for that. As an investigator and not an adjudicator I am speculating that the seriousness of the issue depends of the particular agency you are applying/working for. Certain issues are bigger or more relevant to some agencies than they are to others.

It’s a contractor job tho so then it’s gonna affect me then.