I have an Illegal sister and foreign family. Will this be an issue for any security clearance?

I am about to graduate with an aerospace engineering degree and the majority of jobs I am applying for need a security clearance. I live in California and my sister lives in Arkansas. We occasionally have contact. I am a US citizen but my sister is here illegally. I am wondering if her status will affect me getting a clearance. She is married to a person with a green card who is waiting to become a citizen so he can fix her status. She also has two kids who are US citizens. I also have family members residing in El Salvador that depend on me financially. None of my family members are in risk of being extorted, and, if it matters, El Salvador is not a country that is against US. Will my situation affect me in getting any type of security clearance?

Not to say you wouldn’t be able to get a clearance, but there would be some hurdles to overcome and explain. If you had no hand in how your sister came to be in the U.S. illegally then that is in your favor. If you assist her in being able to stay in the U.S. illegally that is a different matter. Your immediate foreign national family members is an issue that would have to be scoped out as well, but not a show stopper.

She came to the USA when I was only 14. At the age of 18 I went to live with her for a year, but did not assist her in anything. She was assisting me! Also, does the fact that her husband is fixing her status help?

You should just be prepared to answer in the event they come up in the investigation, which may or may not depending on the level. Just be honest and truthful is all you can do.