Question about security clearance

Hello everyone! I have a few questions regarding a TS clearance that i will need to obtain in order for me to get the job i’m offered after college. My situation is this; My fiancé and i have been together for about 2 years, been friends for about 10, her father is in the states (west coast) and is here on a work visa ( native to vietnam) her mother, grandmother and grandfather are from china and i am unsure of their status. her grandmother doesn’t speak english very well, and her grandfather is on permanent bed rest. they are all on the west coast, me and my fiancé will be on the east coast. I currently live with them but after college me and the fiancé will be moving to the east coast, i do not speak to her father or mother much at all and neither does my fiance, no conversations out of small talk really. how will this affect my TS clearance approval and how could it affect her family? My credit is good, debt from college but nothing crazy, ( under 10k) which i will have paid off by the time i go for my poly and no history of drugs/alcohol/arrests. i appreciate the feedback, thank you.

You will need to find out their immigration status for the paperwork you submit. If they are permanent residents or whatever the case may be, you will need the correct documentation info for that.

Will you be married to your fiancé before filling out the SF86?

If not- they will just be considered foreign contacts and you will list them in that section.

If you are married you will list the in-laws in the relatives section and the others in the foreign contacts section.

This isn’t a huge deal. We see folks with foreign contacts all the time. Just list them correctly. It will ask for date and place of birth, country of citizenship, all that sort of thing. GET THE INFO. Don’t just assume that you can leave it blank because the form may allow you to. You’re going to have to provide it sooner or later and I’d recommend doing it at the beginning to save trouble and time.

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Also, if you don’t list it and someone finds out about them through investigation (highly likely) and has to confront you about having not listed it, that’s much worse than having them and listing them from the get go.

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This will include your finance if you are not married yet. You have been living with her family? What is your finance’s status? Will you need to sponsor her for citizenship?

This is going to make your investigation a little more complicated but you should get through as long as they don’t have a history of foreign military or government connections.

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Agreed. If you’re living with the fiancé she will be considered a cohabitant which will come up in the marital status section. Make sure to list it accurately there.

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she is a citizen, born in the US

Then you shouldn’t have as many issues. List her accurately as a cohabitant. But like I said before you will have to get their citizenship info and document info. You won’t be able to get out of it due to the closeness of the relationship.