SF-86 Questions Regarding Family Members


I am getting started early with collecting information for obtaining a security clearance and have two questions regarding family members.

Section 18: 18.3::
1. What kind of documentation should I provide for family members I know to have been born in the U.S.? Maybe birth certificate information or SSN? This question is specifically regarding someone I know who doesn’t have a passport.

2. I don’t have access to any of the citizenship documentation from my father’s side of the family(who I believe we’re all born in the U.S.) composed of two step-moms(one deceased), two step-brothers, two step-sisters and two half-brothers. The last I heard of my father was that he bought a plot of land in Hawaii without an address, moved there and the phone number I had for him doesn’t work there. Any ideas on how I should proceed on the SF-86 regarding them?



  1. Not needed for those born in the U.S. (unless there have been some changes in e-QIP/e-APP I haven’t been made aware of)

  2. Dig deeper or provide an explanation in the comments sections stating such

Thanks datesnotrecalled regarding my first question, the form didn’t seem clear on what to do if the individual is not foreign born so I thought I needed to provide documentation…

As for my second question, since I don’t need documentation it looks like the only things to cause me problems there is finding out middle names, birthdates, maiden names and current addresses and I’ll work to address those.

You can’t provide information that you don’t have. Provide documentation of a good-faith effort to get what they expect and provide an explanation. You’re not responsible for the behavior of your parents, brothers and sisters. If they have attempted to disappear or otherwise remove themselves from your life, you can’t do anything about that.

Hi EdFarmerIII,

What you say makes sense. In retrospect I was over thinking/worrying about the documentation aspect that doesn’t seem to apply in this case and thinking on it I can find some of the requested information online as well as maybe even some possible routes to contact people from that side of my family.

Hi, if I have an Aunt that I have only met once in my life who was born in another country and now has US citizenship do I need to list her as a foreign family member.

No. No continuing contact. US citizen. Not immediate family member.