Parens-in-law being interviewed/contacted

Hi, just looking at the SF86 form. Might have an opportunity to go through the process. Just wondering if Mother-in-law/Father-in-law will be contacted/interviewed as part of the process since they have to be listed?


Not necessarily but only if they have knowledge of an issue, if there are any issues… normally? No

Family members are included on the SF86 most likely to clear or obtain the possibility of foreign connections - foreign citizenship, foreign born/naturalization, green card residences. In few cases, there may be a criminal issue involved with family members that need resolution.

The action you took to post the question makes me wonder if there is an issue you are concerned about that, if contacted, they could spill the beans on.

Several of my past experiences regarding the listed family members have revealed immigration issues and criminal issues, not to mention relationship issues. Details that, for whatever reason, come tumbling out when the family member AKA or current address is reviewed. The things that sometimes get dialog flowing are odd and surprising to me.

The SF86 relative section overall purpose: to clear you of any/all possible blackmail or security interference/responsibility issues.

Ok, thanks for the replies. I knew parents/siblings were not interviewed. I saw in-laws on the form and couldn’t find definite information on them being interviewed. If not being interviewed, I’d let my wife know. If they were being interviewed, I’d have to let them know to expect a call.