Clearance and foreign step mother&siblings

Hello all,
I have an upcoming SF86 that I will be filling out soon in hopes to get a TS clearance. I have previously filled out AND forwarded a SF86 for another position but they did not complete the investigation due to failing the poly in the process. In that SF86, I completely forgot to mention my step mother and half siblings who live in Mexico (as I don’t have a relationship with). I plan to fill out my future SF86 noting my step mother and half siblings. Will they compare all previous SF86’s and will it affect my clearance??? I was not trying to hide anything. I just honestly didn’t think to note them. Also, will the failed poly affect my chances with this new clearance coming up? Please note* The poly I failed and the previous SF86 form happened only 9 months ago. Your responses are greatly appreciated.

Yes they will review them, Yes it will be an issue. Did you receive a Statement of Reasons on why you were denied? Aside from not listing them and is does specifically ask for this info, what other reasons were given regarding the Poly? Your situation speaks to a point I made on another thread. Believability. When one claims a reason something wasn’t listed that was supposed to be listed…they need a believable explanation as to why. For anyone to claim it doesn’t matter, simply does not understand this system. Obviously they did not believe you simply forgot to list them. They assume you had onerous reasons for hiding these connections (you may or may not have). Regardless, at the end of the day, they did not believe you and chose to deny your clearance 9 months earlier. Did your SOR give you a timeframe for re-applying? I would think a minimum of 12 months, and you must list this denial on the subsequent SF86’s.

Thank you for your response. To clarify, the sf86 that I completed 9 months ago did not get denied. They didn’t even start the investigation (that I am aware of). I failed the poly with “unfavorable results”. That’s when I was withdrawn from the application process. I never heard anything on the sf86 that I had submitted. They simply withdrew my app when I received unfavorable results in the poly. With that said, I’m not sure if they even began my background investigation. With you reading this, does it help my situation?

Yes it will affect it because they will know about everything you omitted to include the failed poly. Will it hinder your chances of getting a clearance? Idk

Also, I forgot to mention a lot of family members that I visit occasionally in Mexico. I reported my trips but not my family memebers. (I’m a US citizen and grew up in a border town). Like I said, this is stuff I forgot to include in previous SF86 about 9 months ago. I’m praying it doesn’t affect my upcoming sf86 clearance?

Expect that to get questioned and viewed as “Why would hide these family members?” Some folks do hide certain connections fearing it harms them. SO you may have some explaining to do. Honest mistakes or misunderstanding the form aside, if you were supposed to list them but did not…it should cause a problem. Meaning it requires scoping and a determination if you tried to hide them.

This is super helpful! Thank you

kind of in the same topic question:

**I listed all of the information and contacts when submitted my SF86 for a TS.
all my family members are back in Ukraine and i am a USA citizen would this cause any issues??? since from all of the countries it’s Ukraine :woman_facepalming:t2:
I visit them occasionally every 2 years and contact of course just to see how are they doing.
my application just made it to The Adjudication stage.

thank you in advance

It is a global world now. Not unusual at all for foreign contacts, families etc. Just keep in mind each of these requires scoping, review and approval. If your family names have no nexus to bad things it won’t be a problem. It can cause you to not get an SCI however in certain agencies.

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nope, they don’t have any records.

noted and thank you for explaining this!