TS Clearance Predictions (?), Accurate info to date

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So, I got a position needing top secret clearance. I have a full secret clearance that was adjudicated in 2010. Here are facts about my background related to SF86.

  1. No Foreign Contacts other than step mom being from Philippines.

  2. No Foreign Activity other than Afghanistan deployment.

  3. No delinquent debts or reported collection agency issues (according to my bank who did the check for me)

  4. No Criminal record other than an incident report that had to have been filed because of my last job (collected information for political actors and one target kept trying to obstruct my work by getting me arrested which it did not work. Also, that person had me banned from their campaign office because I went there to get campaign propaganda. This was full disclosed to the Agency and you can find it on public record). There was no crime, but the policy was police had to take an incident report if requested. It was requested and they tried to use it as political angle. All of this was cataloged and described by me to the agency.

  5. one civil case in respect to child visitation.

  6. Credit score is 650 and the reason given by the bank is the interest rate on one of my student loans I used while working in DC when I lived there during a fellowship. Other than that, no issues. Bills always paid.

  7. Current Secret clearance that was last used in 2017 while in Afghanistan.

What are my chances that my clearance will be granted?

If no recreational drug use, no negative employment info, and people speak highly of you as opposed to calling you a stinker…I would say you have a fair shot. 650 is fair credit, not seeing how a high interest rate causes a 650. It may be your credit to debt ratio that is skewed with student loans. Keep a close eye on credit, do not miss any bills and aim for at least a 680. But otherwise, barring any 900 pound gorillas you are deliberately not talking too, I would say all of what you presented is within acceptable ranges. The foreign family connection may slow you somewhat but it is not a show stopper.

amberbunny, related to his foreign relative possible issue: would passing 2 CI polygraphs alleviate any foreign connections/influence concerns? I know they ask questions related to that…

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There may be one or two people that say some negative things about empkoyment, but it qould be from a very political group (national GOP affiliated) and I already created a document with evidence in my favor (its the incident I talked about in the initial post). Other than that, I have about 15 references stretching from my entire past that would give me glowing recommendations.

She doesnt have ties to the ISIS factions in the islands. She is from Saipan. Additionally, I dont really have that much of a connection with her. Notnfornthenlast 4 yrs.

I may be reading more into this than I should but it sounds like you have some far-left political connections and that you have been politically active. Take a careful look at the organizations that you affiliate with. Some may show up as far more radical than you think.

Remember . . . Almost everybody thinks that they are a political “moderate” but that can’t possibly be true.


No, I worked for the GOP. But, I’m a registered Independent.

My affiliations are professional. Such as the International Legal Honors Society.

I think that would indicate candor if both were passed to that date. Contact after that poly may still involve foreign connections or concerns. But overall as presented I think it will clear, barring unknown data.

Hey @amberbunny, @Marko, and @EdFarmerIII,

I was just going through my old SF86 from 2010 (secret cleared) in order to annotate my new one I am currently filing out (top secret). I discovered that in my old one I forgot to list two relatives (step mom and sister). What do I do…Will I be denied now? Will the govt think I am lying? Or, will this be viewed as one of those common mistakes that normally come up in investigations (which I did not have with the secret)? Need your help asap.

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A recruiter filled out and submitted the old SF86

Submit the correct information on the current SF 86. Your situation is common.

Thank you! I am worried now. Should I state everything I can in the comment.

No, just list them. If needed, an investigator later will ask you why you didn’t list them before.

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Thansk @backgdinvestigator. Should I write a comment explaining why it isnt on there? I also found another relative that was missing from the SF86 my recruiter did.

Investigators and adjudicators are used to issues with recruiters. This seems to happen a lot with much more serious issues than yours.

Just list them and leave it go. If they need more information, provide the explanation then.

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Just be prepared to explain why they were omitted. In this case the recruiter filled it out and you missed it as you reviewed it.