Task force officer ts clearance

Good evening

I have not been able to find info in regards to current law enforcement and chances of approval of top secret clearance. Are the rates of approval higher /lower or the same ? I just looked over the sf86 and the only things that worry me is that
I have a sister who was adopted from Russia when she was 2 in the 90s with no connection to Russia in anyway since and is a U.S. citizen.

I have about 18k currently in credit cards but have had on time payments my entire life aside from one 30 day late payment in 2017. My debt to credit ratio is under 20%. I have had collections in the past on only medical bills that were all either paid or rectified through insurance and none currently show on any credit reports.

Last but not least I had a judge not credit my testimony about 10 years ago in regards to an arrest. I can absolutely explain the issue but it reads as “inconsistencies in testimony”. No other issues with court or discipline before or since. Do any of these things sound like disqualifiers?

On the positive side I have no arrest history ,bankruptcies ,delinquent debts, drinking problems,gambling problems ,psych issues,never travelled out of the country and no foreign friends.

I came from city law enforcement to become an investigator, then ultimately a SA (Special Agent), if you are honest, and are upfront about your ‘issues’ and mitigating efforts to make sure it does not happen again, you will have nothing to worry about. You can google all day what are my chances etc. Trust me, from someone who did the job, and now is doing the job for the federal government, you will be fine if you are honest.

Former/current cops, the only thing I see them get jammed up with are serious IA complaints that have been sustained. Otherwise, do not worry about it.