Getting adjudicated for TSSCI multiple questions

I have multiple questions.
Current Clearance: active secret, adjudication 2022
Job applied for: DOD IT
Required security clearance: TS/SCI

  1. Finances always concern me. I have approximately 76k in student loan debt, 25k on car, and a total of 20k in miscellaneous debt, loans and cc debt. All are current and haven’t defaulted. Is there a formula used or ballpark figures of those successful in obtaining a TSSCI?

  2. I have a small friends group, so those that actually know about my personal life aren’t that many. Is this a bad thing?

  3. I’m scared that the finances part will get me denied and I’ll lose my secret. Finances have always been disclosed.

  4. I smoked weed 9 years ago. The sf86 says 7 years for a TS, should I put it down anyways?

  5. I worked overseas on a dod contract. Is a mission visa/ residency permit, which is needed to enter back into the host country considered a travel document issued by another country?

Partial response:

  1. As long as all payments are current, you should be fine. I think if you were somehow making payments on say, $500K of debt but reported income of only $25K, that might invite some scrutiny. But other than that, they just want to see you are handing debt responsibly.

  2. It is up to you if you list something more than is asked for in the instructions, but they can’t just ignore it if you do. If its on the form, the investigator has to address it somehow. The only red flag in this would be if you held a clearance at the time and/or were working as a law enforcement officer; those are “have you EVER” issues.

  3. Don’t think so. The only time they ever looked at my visas was to confirm travel dates. These visas do not confer foreign citizenship and I think that’s what they’re really looking for.

I stated the weed on the original one. That’s why I was asking about it.

If it drops out of scope (i.e. not an EVER question), you don’t put it on there. Some will be annoyed if you do.