January 2020 Timelines

Greetings, anyone know what the current time line would be for someone waiting for a TS/SCI background check since October? DoD will be employer. Clean background, no foreign contacts, never been outside US, no drugs or financial issues ever.

Just curious if anyone had any ballpark figures. Much appreciated

No . . . no one has any idea . . . You are still pretty early in the process so I wouldn’t expect anything too soon.

I am also in the pipeline for a DOD TS/SCI. The process went much quicker than I thought it would. I submitted my SF 86 in August 2019; interviewed by an investigator in October. My clearance went to an adjudicator in December. Waiting on the decision now. However, just looking over other people’s posts on here, you will see that everyone’s case is handled differently. Doesn’t seem to be any clear cut standard timeline. Good luck!

It’s not that “everyone’s case is handled differently” . . . the issue is that everyone’s case IS different . . . there’s no standard timeline because there’s no standard applicant.


Just found out I was favorably adjudicated for the TS on 8 January. It was in adjudication for 16 days. My SSO told me the average he has seen lately has been about 4 weeks. Good luck!

Hey Waymore!

Did you have a pretty straight forward case? If you don’t mind me asking for what position and agency?

Congrats on the quick adjudication!!!


I have about the same timeline as waymore. Submitted my sf86 at the end of August first contact with an investigator in mid October. Last known interview was October 30. I did not hear anything else until Jan 14. I was told my case was now closed and the timeline is 6 days to 6 months. Yesterday I received a call letting me know I was favorably adjudicated.

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Hey Sunny Day!

Thanks, I feel very fortunate. I am an active duty military officer, moving into a planner billet that requires the TS this summer.

I was scared about my case. I had the following issues:
-Defaulted student loan for $19,0000
-Charged off car loan for $14,000
-5 accounts that went to collections totaling about $2,500 (they only knew about 3 of them)
-A firearm related charge from my early teens.

I brought as much stuff as I could to the interview. Bank statements, emails, written agreements. The juvenile arrest has long ago been expunged, but I recounted it in detail. I tried to be as absolutely honest as possible. I still anticipated some interrogatories…nothing ever came.

I was told when I started the process to expect at least 18 months. It took a little over 4. Not sure if it is because I’m in the military, or some other “behind the scenes” stuff. I don’t claim to be an expert just because I got a clearance…but there certainly must be more going on behind the scenes than us lay folk know about.

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I don’t know if it was just my case, but I feel that DOJ BI (by FBI) was a lot more thorough then my current DOD investigation. DOJ investigators/officer wanted more documentation to be provided, a lot more thorough during references interviews, they wanted me to call them every time I went abroad and then meet with them to debrief.
DOD guys seem not to care about most of these things. We’ll see how long it will take me to get a clearance with them.

Couldn’t be more happier for you. Glad it worked out. It is a lot of stress even when you try your best to forget about it and continue with your life.

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