Second try for a TS clearance

So, for those of you who remember my recent story, where because of some bizarre circumstances I didn’t get a TS clearance after successfully completing an interview, poly and adjudication process with one of 3 letter agency - I decided to try again. One of the third parties agreed to sponsor me for a TS/SCI role with DOD client. I submitted my SF86 at the very end of November. I had an interview completed on the 4th of December and already had them calling my references. During the interview I was told that my case is being expedited and they expect to be done with investigation by the end of January and adjudication to be completed by March - April. Wow, that’s fast. We’ll keep you posted if interested.


Who told you about the adjudication timeline? Will be interesting to see if this is true.

The investigators conducting my interview. They did say that the expedited portion of my investigation only covers the actual BI portion, not the adjudication so I’m not sure how accurate their estimates are.

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Hopefully it moves fast for you.

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