Yay! After 3.5 years

After 3.5 years of stress and long wait today I have been favorably adjudicated for a TS clearance! :confetti_ball::boom::tada:. My message is simple; be honest on your SF86, do a thorough homework before you fill out the form, and prep for the interview with clearance officer. Provide as much details as possible during the clearance interview because Adjudicators would read carefully interview notes and will judge you based off information you had provided during your interview. Lastly, trust in God and be a good human being and you will get your reward.


Outstanding news! Thanks for sharing the saga here!


That’s awesome news. Can you put up some of your timeline? To see how long I have before I pull out all my hair…

I’m sorry…what were the security issues?

Congrats! Hope that you enjoy your new job!



SF86 initial submission: September 2015
Interview: About 4 weeks later
March/April 2016: got a phone call from someone (a new investigator) asking for additional references
September 2017: SOR issued ( a false call)
September 2017: response to SOR submitted
January 2018: notification of favorable adjudication :tada::tada::balloon::balloon:


There’s something wrong with this timeline . . .


Which agency? If you want to be discreet, name a location, like Langley or Ft. Meade/Annapolis Junction.

Also, how did they contact you to let you know you were good? Phone call, email, letter?

Did you have concerns over not being cleared? What were they?

If we follow your advice, our clearance will take 3.5 years which is unacceptable.


Yea, just 10 more months for me.

@idkanymore can you provide your specific timeline? S or TS?

I’ve been in waiting. 4 years next month since I accepted/summited my CoE and submitted SF-86. Congratulations on your clearance! Thank you for letting us know. Good luck!

Wow!! 3.5 years. That is really really long. I was told around 2 years and even that for me is unbearable. I just passed my polygraph Mid-january, wonder how much longer.

I was told to forget about it, keep moving on with life, accept other job offers, move if you want and if and when they call, they will call. But not to wait and worry about it.

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My timeline
Applied 6/19/2017
Phone Interview 9/13/2017
Conditional offer 10/6/2017
E qip sent 10/24/2017
Background investigatator interview 1/9/2018
Interm clearance 1/11/2018
Pending NAC 2/8/2018
Pending adjudication 8/7/2018
Pending further review 11/19/18
More information requested from adjudicator 2/11/2019
Favorably adjudicated 1/13/2019!!!
EOD 3/3/2019!
This timeline is for Secret Clearance at DHS

Stay positive!