Security Clearance Timeline After Interview


I had my interview in Sept 23 and the investigator stated she submitted the file that week. She did call back the week after with some questions that she needed to clarify, which I believe were coming from the reviewer. But now that it is submitted and I am assuming with adjudication. Do they have a time-limit to approve/deny the clearance? Like 90-days?

I had a couple mistypes on my SF-86 that the interviewer correct when we met, but nothing really worrying. Just the manager for my previous job was listed as my current manager. I am thinking when I filled it out the autocomplete overwrote it. Other than that, I just had debt that I already paid and 1 DUI that was very clear about.

Do you think I have anything to worry about?

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I doubt it…

What has been your timeline?
Also, is this for a defense contractor?

Yes for a defense contractor.

I submitted the sf-86 back in July and investigation seems to be complete now. Just waiting for adjudication.

I did the same with a defense contractor.
After the BI submitted everything by the end of Last November, I was in adjudication, ( 1. “pending eligibility”, 2.“pending adjudication” and 3. “Pushed for Final Adjudication” for months). I don’t know exactly the purpose of all these 3 stages, or there are more than these 3 stages or even all these 3 are actual stages of adjudication or not. I just don’t know if there is a specific time-limit. And I am assuming it varies for each individual. From what I was told by my FSO, very person is different. Some might need extra review times, other might need extra investigation ( for lack of a better word), whatever that means.
In short, hang tight, and do your work, live your life, and don’t think too much about it, it will come, either in 30 days or 90 days or 6 months. That’s the best advice I can .

My recruiter told me that interim clearances are taking 30-60 days and final clearances can take up to 6 months. I don’t think there is a deadline for clearances.

Thank you for that, Redonions. I have been stressing out about it, and I know I can’t change anything now. I just have to sit tight and wait.

How long did you have to wait to receive interim and/or final clearance?

Also, was this for a defense contractor?

Yes, someone going through this clearance process once said, " have your interview, finish whatever is on your side and than … live your life, get a job, get married, have kids, " When it comes to clearance , I took the words of that wise man to heart. I don’t mean one single bit to sound pessimistic, no sir. I just want everyone not to stress out undue. And this approach actually helps with the waiting process, no thinking too much abou it and going about your life. You wouldn’t believe is when I was stressing everyday about it, it never came. But then when I forgot about it and didn’t expect any news, that’s when it really surprised me and off came my final.

Yes, mine was for a defense contractor. I was denied interim, and the denial came in about 60 days after SF-86 submission. The final took a good 15-17 months, total. Though from the adjudication to final, it was about 7 months wait.

As far as you know, is it possible to have an offer rescinded due to the process taking too long? I guess that is what I am afraid of (among other things).

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I have never heard of such a case, where offer being rescinded due to the process taking too long.

I know of people of had CJOs and waited for years ( 2-3 years) until they got the final. As far as the defense contractor has the contract and when you get your final, they have that opening, they will hire you. Mine waited for good 18 months.

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When did you apply for your clearance? Was it back when the backlog was at 700k+?

  1. Yes, exactly at the time when the backlog was at historical high of 725,000 in early 2018.

I must have been one of the “Lucky ones” My interview was in June, investigation closed in Aug… 20 days later it was adjudicated. Process from start to finish was SF86 submitted in Jan 2019. Aug 28 2019-(adjudicated)-- completed. Took longer to get scheduled for my interview than anything else.

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Was that the investigation or initial interview?

This was for a secret or top secret?

It was for a Secret…

My interview was in June. Investigation was completed by Aug 8th… 20 days later was adjudicated.

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Mine is for Secret too. Investigator submitted my info back in late September, Early October to the Reviewer, then I supposed Adjudication has it now. Waiting on a yes or no.


Just received word that I was granted interim clearance today. It took one month. I hope the final goes through smoothly.

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Hi All,

I had my interview back in March 2018 with DOD. investigation started around July and finished by end of September 2018. This is for Top secret clearance I have not heard anything yet. I contacted my recruiter he don’t have any information. Dose anyone know where should I contact to get at lease some status on my case. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you