TS Clearance Timeline and Waiting Time

Heard today from my FSO that DSS has stated the times for Final TS was 460 days. At this point I’m 204 days into the process, and have held my interim TS for 174 days. I held a final Secret for 2 years and am only 23 years old. I figured that this would help me out. But then I found out today that two colleagues of mine who were put in for TS after me have already had interviews with investigators. Should I be concerned that i haven’t heard anything about my clearance? In addition to this, could anyone answer if the SoCal area is extremely backed up on clearance processing?

Another colleague of mine has held an interim TS for over a year and has heard no mention of interviews.

It is possible that your two colleagues may have some things in their investigation that have drawn more attention than anything in yours. Don’t try to compare your situation to anyone else’s. It will just drive you crazy.

Just run with your interim. You are lucky to have that opportunity. Don’t worry about your final. Just like we tell those who don’t receive an interim clearance, just live your life and worry about your clearance only when there is something to do.

460 days… wow, gotta love those government time lines.

I’m in for a direct government job, too, and I just passed 560 days since I submitted my offer and sf86. 460 days doesn’t seem realistic, but good luck!

I just received notification of clearance for a TS person. It took 24 months from the date we submitted. Mind you this is a full scope poly TS so it might add time. I have had a few go zero to sixty as I call it, no clearance to full scope TS in 12 months. But the average is 18 months. We don’t become even remotely concerned until 18 months.

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How I wish this was mine so bad lol. When you say “from the date we submitted” what does that mean? When the applicant sent in his SF-86?
I’m going on close to 27 months from CJO and SF-86 submission, 19 months in adjudication.

204 days is just a drop in a bucket for the most of us. I am at 357 days. Just be patient and if you like try reaching out to your political leader where you reside.

204 days from me submitting my SF-86

Does 760 days and counting sound realistic for SC with Poly?
Sept 2018 SF86 submitted
May 2019 FP, Interview/ references checked
May 2019 Poly-1st
June 2019-Poly 2nd
no pass/fail confirmation about poly
waiting…no response from FSO, no POC other than FSO. How to find out whether or not case went for adjudication?

The long timelines don’t entirely shock me. My PR with one agency began in August of 2018. I didn’t enter adjudication until March of this year and have only recently been told my case is now being “prioritized” and should be adjudicated by the end of 2020.

That’s PR… not an initial.

Hmm… PR took so long, is it IA?

Periodic Reinvestigations almost always go to the bottom of the stack… the individual is already cleared and there’s no hurry as far as the agency is concerned.


So for initial, 760+ days seems little outrageous and fact that FSO is kind out oblivious seems to be concerning to me. Last time I reached out to FSO, the FSO stated that they will get back to me but never heard back, wish I could get some clue about my case.

That’s what sucks about this whole process, the lack of transparency and the difficulty getting any meaningful status updates.

So its been over a year since your second poly. If I had to guess I’d say that something came up and they want to look into it… I say that, because if you had outright failed I’m sure you would have known by now. But I think there’s something they want to look into and that moves you into the slow lane.