Its time to shake the tree

Submitted my congressional inquiry last week and was contacted today be her (Congresswoman Mc Sally)office that they are beginning their inquiry, I also sent an FOIA letter to OPSS, Department of State for a copy of my BI. I’ll keep this site updated with what my congresswoman finds out on to why my DoS secret clearance is sitting in adjudication for so long.

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I just sent in my signed request to my senator this afternoon. Best of luck to you! I’m definitely curious as to how things go.

I will keep this site updated as I get feedback, the sad thing is that we have to go this route because we fall victum to a broken system.

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At least, at State you don’t have the polygraph to worry about.

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DoS requires polys if your going for a TS/SCI with poly…im simply only needing a secert.

I recently “shook the tree” trying to resolve 16 sitting in the system for 2 years. Normally it turns out they were contacted to fax some bill info or something along that line and they never did. So the file sits there until it ends up in the dead letter office. I just called three today asking if they wanted to remain in process. Only one called back. So if you know you have accurate phone numbers, address and email on the SF 86 or in Equip you have done your part. 6 months is standard for Secret, 18 for TS with poly.


Is that 6 months and 18 months from start to finish or just for the adjudication phase? Dont you just love on the fy 18 2nd qtr timeline bar graph how it shows adujdacation 22 days…its just like back in the day preparing a comand brief, you would put the slide together and then someone would go," we cant brief those numbers that will get someone fired" so they would docter the slide and fudge the numbers…I hated that crap…tellitlike it is

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Lol, Command Brief. Much like Total Quality Management. Once folks learned how to fake metrics, it was game over. I hear various answers and none satisfy. Some claim it is actual work days, not calendar days which is just a way of hiding timelines in my humble opinion.

In my experience those are start to finish numbers. I track our submission dates and approvals. Literally I got one in today that is 2 days shy of 6 months for a Secret. 18 months is the absolute norm for me to get notified a person cleared full scope TS SCI. That is from submission date to receiving approval.

Amberbunny, wish I had you on you on my case. So, if it’s typically 18 months for TS/SCI, then why did they tell me during the interview that it would take 4-6 months, and then now, during the investigation, they are saying 8-12 months? I just don’t get it!

On occasion, rare but it happens, I DO see a few 12 month TS SCI with Poly clearances granted. I think folks give rough estimates of when they got cleared. We used to tell applicants 4 months, but we definitely only see 6 months for Secret as of late. I don’t get the least bit concerned on a TS SCI applicant until after 18 months. Recently the client relented and gave me access to verify my company submissions in their system. As long as I see a BI initiated within 2 months, I am happy. If it goes beyond 2 months then I will call and inquire.

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well for my DoS secert im well over 6 months start to finish…thus why Im going the route im going.

@amberbunny I’m assuming you’re an IC contractor, not DoD. Regardless, have you ever seen a case be in adjudication longer than the investigation?

When did you submit SF86

Sept 2017… been in adjudication since 8 Feb.

I am in adjudication since October 2017 with more than two years in total waiting for TS. I think I shoul talk to some authority as well.

Mine is only for a DoS secert with a squeaky clean record, ive held DoD secert, TS and TS/SCI and was even a held a TS/SCI courier card in Iraq. Shouldnt take this long for a secert. If I was going for a TS at the 18 month mark I would have contacted my congressman, for my secert I gave it until 100 days in adjudaction to finally seek answers. Ill give the broken system its due process but enough is enough.

Is that 18 months from applicant signing an offer, 18 months from sending in the SF-86, or 18 months from the beginning of investigation? Can you offer any insight into what might be going on for an applicant who signed an offer, sent in the SF-86, and was only contacted by a BI a full 14 months later (and is not 22 months from sending in the SF-86)? Which event would count as the beginning of the process for the 18 month benchmark?

I will claim 18 months from the date the cover sheet is sent to the clearance office. Why this date? Because a company can offer a position, and still take a few months to get the SF86 finished with the applicant, the company security officer can sit on it for a few months before sending it in, and the clearance office will likely have it in a cue for a month or two before it is assigned. When I get an approval, they return my cover sheet and I see the date the clearance was granted and the date we scanned it to clearance division. I see a rare 12 month person, but 90% for TS SCI poly take a robust 18 months and 2 years is seen frequently enough.

I’ve seen 27 months in adjudication. So yes I have seen long waits and eventual approvals.

Wow let’s hope that’s a rare case…