Clearance finally granted, timeline

The email finally came, info and timeline
DoS Secret
Eqip submitted, 1 OCT 2017
Credit checks, background info, military records pulled, references contacted from Nov 2017-Jan 2018
Interview with Investigator- 27 Jan 2018
In Adjudication 8 February 2018
DoS Secret clearance granted, 19 July 2018
squeaky clean record, good credit, no arrest, no drugs, excellent Military career, held DoD Secret, TS and TS/SCI in the past
10 months for a DoS Secret…
I hope this makes our small population of waiting on DoS clearance feel a little better


Thanks for the update, that is helpful.

Congratulations. Any reason for the turn around?

You mentioned a potential firestorm. What was that?

IMO anytime you go around a system and have a top offical get involved you are setting your self up for a potiental “fire storm”, shaking the tree, as I posted earlier is sometimes a good thing or a bad thing. In my case, once my clearance passed the 120 day mark in adjudacation I did a congressional and low and behold 4 weeks later my clearance was granted. Not saying the congressional made this happened but I do believe it got my packet out of the “black hole” quicker.

How do you know if it is in Adjudication? Do you get a letter in the mail? Any SOR?

Your FSO can tell you where it is in the process, but thats about it.No SOR, my clearance was granted it did not go to a review board. I recieved notice of my clearance being granted by email from the company that sponsered me.

Team, Muldoon,

Where you ever told when your packet was ‘assigned’ to an BI agent? ( was told mine would take 10 months or so…specifically wondering when the 10 mos starts-

I submitted mine in Oct 23, 2018.
Told it was finally assigned to an agent in Jan 2019.
I guess 10 months starts vicinity of this year, ha? (smiling with watery eyes) :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,


sorry for the delay but I dont come to this site that much now that im on project. No I did not get any type of notice for any portion of the time line. I knew I was assigned a BI agent when he called me for the interview. I never had a clue when it went into adjudcation until I called and asked “what phase is my clearance in”. Then on a monthly bases I bugged the s**t out of then with the question of" any updates to my clearance" . The " not knowing or lack of anytype of communcation" on where your clearance is in the process is pain staking. Hang in there and it will happen, good or bad it is simply a broken process and all you can do is wait…Mul


clearance type - TS/SCI

question: when do you get the Polygraph interview in this process?

submitted SF86 - Feb 28, 2019
BI started - March 07, 2019
Interview w the special agent - Mar 22, 2019

on Apr 11, 2019 was told (by my contact point from the employer) that now I am on the list for Polygraph interview… but no time frames.
Any idea if that will take long? any suggestions/comments will be appreciated

thanks in advance.