DoS TS Timeline

For the purpose of averaging DoS clearances, with the pandemic and an administration change.
275 Days

Timeline review:
SF86 submitted June 30, 2020
Case opened July 2, 2020
BI submitted Sept 15, 2020
Adjudication phase begins Dec 13, 2020
Clearance granted April 6th, 2021

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Are you now or were you a Federal Employee prior to starting the entire process? I always wonder if government folks are held to a more tighter timeline than contractors i.e. the folks behind the scenes are ‘forced’ to keep the ball rolling in a timely manner vs. letting contractors fall between the cracks.

I can’t personally speak to contractors or any sort of prior/current Fed preference.
I am prior DoD, now DoS employee, who’s clearance had lapsed (two years ago) while working in the private sector.

Direct hire government employees will almost always take priority over contractors, but past affiliation doesnt have anything to do with it, unless maybe if you had a recent clearance.

State Dept tends to not work and play well with others when it comes to clearances.

No. The contractors, federal employees, and military have the same timelines.
How correctly you fill out the SCA, issues in the case, and the local workload are the key points in a case’s timeliness.

I’ve had two cases this week where the Subject listed working at the HQ office and not thier actual state. Both cases were delayed because they were initially assigned to either SoCal or the DC area

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@backgdinvestigator Thank you for mentioning how the accuracy and correctness of the SF86/85 forms effects the timeline. This is a pet peeve of mine. While some people make honest mistakes I am soooo tired of lazy people who rush and or don’t care to put the time in and then complain their investigations take a long time.

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FWIW to any other IC folks waiting like me - my CJO FSO advised that I’m still in adjudication HOWEVER…“the division will go back to work full time next week…speed should get better”.