Current DHS Adjudication Timelines for TS SCI

Anyone have any insights into current DHS adjudication timelines for TS SCI clearance? My timeline: DHS tentative job offer for GS position (pending security clearance) mid-Dec 2017; turned SF86 in to DHS HQ early January; called by Investigator mid-January; was told my clearance package had Expedite on it & that DHS Contract BI had to have final report back to DHS HQ by end of Feb. My understanding is that DHS does everything in-house (Investigations & Adjudication) & that adjudication usually only takes a few weeks, so am expecting a call any day. Based on timeline to date, things moving very quickly. Thanks!


Hi @icehiker66,
How long did it end up taking?
I’m a contractor. I have an active TS /SCI and CI poly, and I was on a contract at DHS HQ in 2016. I’ve been offered a job on another DHS contract subject to clearance approval. It took 5 months last time and I had the TS at that time too.

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My case just closed and was picked up/transferred to my current agency to DHS (my new job) and I was just told by personnel security from DHS that my case has been assigned to an adjudicator so they said should not take long for determination. How long did yours take to get adjudicated? I heard from various threads that others took a short time and others are longer depending on their case file. I have a clean record and only 27 years old so there is not much to my life haha!