Review Process Timeline

Can anybody expand a little bit on the timeline around the review process for TS. My investigator said that they handed over documents to the reviewer 3-4 weeks ago. I understand that the reviewer looks over all of the information for any discrepancies and sends out requests for clarification, then sends it to adjudication if there are no discrepancies. How long does the review process typically take before getting sent to adjudication? The adjudication process usually takes about a month or so, correct? For context, this is my current timeline for DOD TS:

Conditional Offer: 6/17
SF86 Completed: 8/17
Personal Security Interview: 3/18

The adudication phase can take forever, some people on here have been in adujdacation for a year for a TS

It took 52 days (36 work days) for my investigation to close once it was submitted for review. During this time I would periodically call the NBIB FOIA hotline at (724) 794-5612 to check the status. Once closed, it took two days for my agency to receive it. I have been in adjudication ever since. I hope to be done soon.

Does adjudication really take that long? From reading this (
I was under the impression that it should only take a month or so. Obviously every case is different and there are some outlier cases that take forever, but if the average adjudication time is only 20 days then those would have to be few and far between, right?

If using this site, which is really all we have to go off of the FY18 stats are simply BS, the average adudacation timelines are 6 months for a secert and 12 to 18 for a TS, longer for SCI and poly. It also depends on which agency. Ill use me for an example. I have held DoD clearnces at the secert, TS and TS/SCI level. Those dont matter, Im waiting on DoS secert, different agency had to start the process all over. I have been in Adudacation since 8 Febuary. I have a squeaky clean record, no credit report issues, no debt, no arrests, nothing. My investagator only did a face to face because I have been unemployed for the past 5 years and wanted to know why. The reason was I was wounded as a DoD contractor and was under the Defense Base Act and War hazards act and wasnt able to work during my recovery,(I was hit real bad). You will see on this site people have been waiting forever in adudacation, it sucks but it is what it is. I truely hope you are one of the 1% that gets a final in under a year but you will drive yourself crazy if you think it will happen in less then 30 days and it doesnt, then 60 days will pass, then 90 days and so on. Do not put your life on hold waiting for the " email or phone call" just keep ding whatever you where doing and when the call comes then begin your transition.

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