TS/SCI Timeline Update

Hello. Can anyone provide some guidance as to where I am in the TS/SCI process? Here is my timeline:

Submitted SF-86: Jul 2017
Interviewed by NBIB Special Agent: Jan 2019
NBIB Special Agent asked a few follow up questions: Apr 2019

This is for a contractor position. Thanks.

Is this initial investigation or reinvestigation?

Timelines? They seem to not exist. Typically the fieldwork portion of the investigation closes within 60 days. Being that you were recently contacted it should close soon. Then it goes over to adjudication.

I have been waiting 8 months for adjudication for a reinvestigation.

Thanks for the reply. This is for an initial investigation. Update as of 5/29/19: Last contact was with special agent (NBIB) in April asking for a few clarifying details. Do you think I’m in the adjudication phase now?

i don’t think so…
you should be notified by your FSO when will your case moves to the Adjudication phase (wait period).

Your FSO isn’t always notified in the adjudication phase. I don’t even think they’re ever notified. They can look into JPAS and see if the investigation is closed or not. Typically when the investigation is closed it then goes to adjudication but it appears the adjudication phase is ridiculously backed up.

You’re probably not in the adjudication phase just yet. They probably did send up your case to close it and a review team wanted more information, therefore they contacted you for further information. The investigator has to write a report, it then goes to their review team before it goes to whoever requested you to get a clearance. If it’s through the DOD, DODCAF will receive the investigation and then determine the adjudication. Even then, DODCAF can kick back the investigation and request even more information if they feel they don’t have enough information to make a decision.

It’s a horrible waiting game unfortunately.


I’ve heard that adjudication is likely more backed up than the investigation process. You’re right about the review phase that people really don’t know about. Also, I’m not sure how many cases the adjudicators handle at a time. No idea. Doesn’t adjudication take longer than the investigation??

We’ll see what happens I suppose.

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Adjudication is definitely longer than the investigation process. Once they actually open the investigation, they’re closed within 30-60 days unless there’s trouble getting records or talking to people but that’s pretty rare.

Review takes a long time too. I used to be an investigator and I’ve gotten reports kicked back 4 months after I submitted the report. The whole process is just a mess.

They are doing investigations a lot faster due to hiring a lot more investigators but it seems like th cases just sit at adjudication unless you’re expedited or priority.

I’ve been in 10 months adjudication. Filled out my SF-86 in 10/2016 for a TS reinvestigation. Super long process.

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My investigation was open 2 years, 7 months. I just found out it closed about 2 weeks ago.

Are you sure it was open that long? I filled mine out 10/2016 but my actual investigation wasn’t opened until 06/2018 and then closed 08/28/2018. Just because you filled out the e-qip doesn’t mean the actual investigation was opened.

I stand corrected: 2 years and 5 months. They opened it 3 months after I submitted the SF-86.

wow! That’s insane. Have you ever thought of doing a congressional inquiry?

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This was a reinvestigation–not an initial. I’ve been working in a cleared position since I retired. The investigation is over. That much i’m sure on. I have no idea on if it is in review or already in the adjudication process.

If I’m already working, I thought I should let sleeping dogs lie…

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From my observations over the years - initials are pushed forward because the Subject has not been cleared and we need to see if there is anything we don’t know about them, but need to know.

I explain to industry managers when they worry about someone’s PR taking awhile that the wait is a good sign. In an area backed up with BIs, if someone submits a PR and the agents show up within a few weeks, that normally means someone either hit the jackpot or someone will be leaving the work group pretty soon.

Clearances don’t expire, the background information is reviewed to ensure there are no unreported changes in the Subject’s life. This is the basis of the continuous evaluation program.