Slow Adjudication - Anyone else seeing slow decisions lately?

Hey all,

In for a TS DoD, Timeline so far is:

  • Oct 20, 2022 - EQUIP SUBMISSION
  • Dec 8th - Interview (1 hour interview, only time I talked to my BI)
  • Jan 4, 2023 - Investigation Closed
  • As of March 1st, still in adjudication…

Anyone else seeing slowness here lately especially in the adjudication part? Pretty average individual. Not really any complicated issues I’d say. Just wondering what the heck is going on. Is being in adjudication this long a bad sign?

I’ve seen people get rejected and approved that I hired in with, with investigations closing some before and after mine. Mine truly seems to be the abnormal one. I feel like mine is stuck somewhere.

The adjudication has always taken longer in my personal experience.
Not a bad sign, wait 6-7 months after submission and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Everyone’s background is different.
Where you’ve lived, worked, travelled, what issues you may have, etc. will affect your investigation timeframe.
The investigation of someone that has always lived and worked in the same area, never travelled, would be faster than someone that moved around…

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I have submitted my SF86 for secret level back in March 2022 and my last conversation with my investigator was in October and I am still waiting. However, I am a naturalized US citizen with foreign family members living abroad.

Comparing your timeline to others can only lead to additional frustration in an already frustrating process. If you are still in adjudication three months from now… it still would not be an abnormally long timeline, at least by historic standards.


Absolutely. I believe you are correct on the comparing advice. I appreciate the perspective.

Just something I’ve seen personally and pure speculation then… Perhaps if you are so squeaky clean or are obviously going to get a denial you get adjudicated quickly. Those with “issues” that need nuanced decisions get sent to the long queue. I have a feeling there is some machine learned decision process that gets these files to adjudicators first for the two obvious cases whereas those with “unclear” designation are put in the manual review que where the wait is. I only have 3 points of data for this but the cases seem clear cut in mind that make this a plausible idea.

Or this is giving the fed a lot of credit… And it’s just purely random which is also equally just as likely :slight_smile:

Appreciate the replies everyone.

I have long suspected the same thing, although adjudicators claim there is no such ‘triage.’ But the fact remains they are being tracked to see how their timelines are doing and since the statistics monitor the “fastest 90% of cases” there would seem to be some incentive to get that fastest 90% through the system as quickly as possible.

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Still waiting… haven’t heard anything. Just going with no news is good news currently…

Still waiting… I’ll just update everyone once I finally hear something…

I’m pretty sure being dual national and having close relative overseas adds to the adjudication period. It also depends which country you are dual and also what your “close” relative did for work.

Close relative as in you still maintain a relationship with them; not people that you haven’t seen or talked to and/or maintain an ongoing relationship with in over 10 years. A hi and bye is not a relationship. A happy birthday here and there is not a relationship. That aunt you saw once on the street and spoke to her for 5 minutes is not a relationship.

So in your case (assuming no red flags like credit, drugs etc). Adjudication will take longer from what i have seen. Could be >3 months.

I am not a dual national, I am a naturalized U.S citizen. I haven’t retained my former nationality. I was born in a U.S friendly country and my brother who is foreign is just a physician in public service, not in the military. And I never had any issues with any drugs or anything. I do have collection (nothing significant) that occured during college after my divorce which was clarified to the investigator during interview that ended 4-5 months ago.

I feel for your predicament. I just went through a long bi period, only to then after 10 mths, have my tentative offer withdrawn, as my clearance (ts sci) had still not been adjudicated. Such a disappointment and totally wore out my emotions. Got my tjo for dcsa in April 2022, submitted sf86 in May 2022, had my bi interview of 2 hrs in June 2022, then my offer was withdrawn in March 2023.

Still waiting… LOL. FSO put in an update to DoD CAS. Hoping to have an update soon. SHEESH.

Finally cleared late June, had to answer a SIR for a potential issue that they wanted more information on, after I submitted that it was about 3 weeks and I got the eligibility email! I guess I’m “cleared_squirrel” now.

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Hello I have a TS/SCI and justvneed a Poly. Did the poly Mar23 completed the SF86 Feb23. I have been in adjudication since April23. So Im hoping to be working by the end of July or mid Aug. Have you hesrd of a back log going on with DOD ?. I have talked with the FSO and she no sure either. Thanks have a nice day.

In my experience which is not found in any basis of known fact but just my perception and assumption from going through the clearance process. I have seen people with absolutely no issues on their investigation get through adjudication in a few weeks, or others like me that was in adjudication for 6 months and I’ve seen others say years. My best guess, is if they deem you have any issues that need a nuanced decision you are being placed in a manual review que whereas those with no issues are adjudicated with some sort of automation. I would strongly recommend you fill out a FOIA request for your background investigation report to see what was sent to adjudicators to understand your situation. You will see information on seriousness of your issues and adjudicator notes that have information on what they are concerned about. I ultimately received that SIR that I had to respond to… if you receive a SIR do not freak out. It just means they want more info about something. A SOR is where they are intending to deny you and you need to provide information that could turn that around.

Best of luck. Some people say there is a backlog but after seeing many people get their TS in less than 100 days from E-QUIP submission. I am not so sure about that.

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