Current DoDCAF Adjudication Delays

I’ve seen several people on different and unrelated threads who have had investigations closed and sent to DoDCAF within the last month. Wanted to open up a thread for people in the same boat to compare wait times and see if there are any common trends. My case was sent to DoDCAF on 24 September 2018. Please post your timeline for DoD specific Cearance adjudications and any insights you might have. Thanks, and good luck with your process!

Mine was sent to DoDCAF on 1 October 2018. Still awaiting a decision. Mine is for T3 Secret.

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Thanks for the info, please keep us updated and hopefully you hear god news soon!

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Forgot to mention that background my investigation is a T5 for Top Secret.

It was 15 days after being sent to be adjudicated. Did you try calling the OPM FOIA number? You can also request a copy of your background investigation. Takes 45 days or so

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Thanks for the info. I wasn’t initially planning on requesting a copy of my investigation but if it is not adjudicated in the next week or so I probably will. Also, you said yours was 15 days for adjudication, was that recently or a while ago?

The reason I ask is that I was wondering if maybe NBIB pushed to complete a bunch of investigations at the end of the Fiscal Year and dumped a high volume of investigations into DoDCAF’s que at the end of the September which might account for a delay in adjudications.

Although the average processing time for DoDCAF has been 20 days recently, they have had months in the last year where the average was as high as 25.

I’m probably way overthinking all of this, just stressed while waiting to hear back.

I read a report yesterday of the most recent processing times for security clearances for Q3 2018. Initial Top Secret adjudication for the fastest 90% of cases was taking on average 29 days. 33 days for initial Secret. If I interpreted it correctly, this report wasn’t strictly for DoD/Industry like similar articles I have seen from earlier this year, so DoD times may differ a bit.

You can read the report here

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Yes you are over-thinking things. Until you have been in adjudications for more than 90 days there is no reason to panic. Many of us waited a very long time in adjudications. You are barely over the 30 day mark, there is nothing to be concerned about.


Yes, that’s how I read it as well, seems to be numbers across all agencies, not just DoD.

I hear you @lmikelowrey, just difficult to completely put it out of mind. The funny thing is I wasn’t worried at all initially but my FSO seemed to think it should’ve only taken a few days so then I started getting concerned.

Well most of these FSO’s are speaking with no factual information. They can estimate based off past patterns and/or averages, but they have no idea exactly what’s going on, they get told generic updates just like we do. I’ve rarely had accurate information from numerous people in that position. Sir you already have a clearance so they should be able to “reciprocate.” They didn’t reciprocate. Sir this should only take a couple months because you were just cleared recently, it’s been over a year. Sir you are “pending administrative decision” should hear something any day, it’s been 5 months since I was told that. I ended up working somewhere else but the point is, these FSO’s are less informed than you think.


That’s a good point about the FSO’s. Just like everything else involved in the clearance process there is a huge difference in the capabilities and customer service levels of FSO’s. Unfortunately many seem to choose the path of least resistance which is to just tell people to hurry up and wait and quit bothering them.

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Another question with regards to adjudication, not sure if someone might know: Once an adjudication decision is made by DoDCAF, does JPAS update automatically or is there a delay? In other words if the adjudicator at DoDCAF hits approve does JPAS reflect that the clearance is granted immediately or are there two systems that need to “talk” to each other and it takes a few days for JPAS to reflect the decision?

I’ve never seen anything as far as a database update frequency. I would imagine that it would be recorded in a single authoritative spot that anyone who has access can access.

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On the topic of FSO’s, I submitted my E-QIP for SF86 T3 Secret clearance on 10/17. My FSO said they (her contracting company) is seeing “8-9 months” for investigation + adjudication to be complete. That is, of course, based on numbers towards the end of FY 2018.

That’s better than what they have been being, hopefully they continue to get the times down.

@sapguy I think I saw on another thread that you had a MRPT done recently. Do you know how long it took for DoDCAF to adjudicate that?

My MRPT investigation finished on 9/26/18 and was opened around 10/31/17 with the SF85P submission. I don’t know where it stands with respect to a final suitability determination but I’ve been on an ATO since last October working for this particular agency. I should also note that I don’t believe my adjudication for suitability is not/was not handled by DODCAF since I’m at a non defense type of agency.

My new T3 investigation is for secret clearance with with a DOD position, which I will switch to once interim is granted, but even that may take until January - if at all.

Background Investigation closed and sent to DoDCAF in Jan 2018. Still waiting for them to make determination. As of now, adjudication has surpassed # of days it took for BI to complete.

This for industry and secret (T3).

Thanks for the information and sorry it has taken that long, that sucks. I’m only about 40 days in and I’m already super stressed. Has your FSO done an RRU or a request for adjudication to try and push DODCAF to do something? Best of luck, hope you hear something soon.