Current DoDCAF Adjudication Delays

Seems like a long time for a DoD Secret. Did you have any issues?

Update to my situation: I was able to speak with an FSO who looked me up in DISS and see that my file hadn’t even been assigned to an adjudicator yet. Because it had been 30+ Days since it closed and DODCAF has not taken any action the FSO submitted a CSR (Customer Service Request) through DISS but it doesn’t sound like DoDCAF has any set time frame to respond to CSRs. Also, this FSO I spoke with seemed to think there was a backlog at DoDCAF right now. More hurry up and wait I guess.

Do you find out that your case is actually has been assigned to adjudicator? Does it actually show in JPAS that your case has been assigned to adjudicator? And how long does it take when it’s assigned to adjudicator?

I don’t think it shows whether it’s been assigned an adjudicator in JPAS, but it sounded like it does show that info in DISS (a new system that will eventually take the place of JPAS). No word on how long it currently takes once an adjudicator is assigned.

My take is that with all the timelines (investigation, adjudication, etc.) they are referring to calendar days, not business days.

I have no idea. Maybe focus on Calendar days just to keep your stress level low. :slight_smile:

Sir, all due respect, none of these specifics matter. You are wrecking your brain over calendar days vs. business days and when the clock starts. Just be prepared for a wait and put this process in the back of your mind. I believe the clock starts when assigned to an adjudicator, but like I told you before many people still are waiting longer than 90 days to be adjudicated. I was told I was in adjudications for 5+ months.

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i guess i’m at the same boat as everyone here. It is a secret and I’ve been told that investigation closed on 10/15/2018 and submitted to DODCAF for adjudication and since then nothing.

Are are are you back in March[quote=“EdFarmerIII, post:32, topic:3217”]
loses 30 days later, they report 30 days, not 120.

My employer sent RRU back in March. DoDCAF told them that first level adjudicator couldn’t make a decision (Industry A). So it has been sent to higher level adjudicator (Industry B).

I asked my employer to follow up again. They told me that my case has been actively worked on. Not sure what is going on.

I’m a naturalized citizen with some foreign travel. Everything is reported and confirmed by employer and references. I have no foreign contacts and ties. Other than that, my case is squeaky clean.

The lead OPM investigator told me during BI interview that my case is fairly simple. I FOIA’ed my investigation report. Everything looks normal.

My FSO thinks that if I had unfavorable information, DoDCAF would have reached out to them/me, or my investigation was reopened or had moved to DOHA by now. They told me that I’m stuck in a backlog. They also said the worst they have seen is 2 years for someone to be stuck in adjudication but it was for a TS.

I think some on here have mentioned TS cases sometimes staying in adjudication for 18 months. We’ll see.

Well, hopefully you get an answer soon, that’s a long time to wait. It’s incedible how long some of these adjudications take. It also sucks that submitting an RRU or CSR doesn’t seem to do anything other than generate a generic reply that things are “in process”. Seems like they should have a set time to respond when an RRU is submitted.

Just saw that the next National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) meeting is next week on Nov 15. Typically there is a portion of these meetings where DoDCAF presents their averages for the preceding few months on how long adjudications are taking. Will be interesting to see what they report out this time.

@WaitingForClearance You and I are stuck in the same exact adjudication boat. I didn’t even have any foreign travel. Not sure what’s going on. :frowning:

SF-86 Sept 08, 2017 submitted

Investigation closed on June 23,2018

In adjudication since June 23,2018 to present.

More than 90 business days since its in adjudication phase and my awesome FSO does not answer my phone calls or emails since March. I reached out my senator last Sept and they replied to him: they are working on it*

I have foreign contacts and ADDRESSED debts. So, I think mine it will take years if not even get denied!!!

I am so pessimistic since the its stuck in adjudication and my FSO does not care about it.

the majority will be in adjudication from 6 to 8 months ( for a secert)…at least thats been the norm for the past year…hang in there your getting close

I’m currently 45 days in and my FSO said today that “hopefully” it will get adjudicated by the end of the year. The FSO doesn’t think it’s even been assigned to an adjudicator yet. Apparently submitting a CSR to DoDCAF isn’t very helpful.

How does any of you even know you are at the adjudication phase? Everytime I ask them they say they can’t tell me: “I am still actively processing.” It has been two years!

Not everybody who says that they actually knows that they are. Generally, when you are told that your investigation is closed, people assume that they are in adjudication. This isn’t always the case. Some will be in a post investigation review. Others will be with CAF, which is the adjudication facility, but their file hasn’t been assigned yet. I don’t remember which agency you are working with but you should be able to find out more information than that. You should be able to find out where your file is sitting. Your next move, if you haven’t done so, is to reach out to your congressman and senators. Despite what others have said, I don’t believe that anything happens faster but you can get better information.

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I agree, a lot of people think they are in adjudication when in fact they aren’t. But if the investigation says closed in JPAS you can can find out when it was sent to DODCAF. I was able to find out that mine closed Sep 19 and was sent to DODCAF on Sep 24, but that info wasn’t from my FSO, I think it was from the OPM hotline maybe? My FSO could only see when it was closed and not when it was sent to DODCAF, but generally it only takes a few days from the time it is closed to when the CAF receives it.