DODCAF timeline?

Hi All,

My investigation wrapped up Aug 29th 2019 for a DoD Secret and I am still in adjudication. I am wondering how long adjudications are taking these days for contractor positions.

Edit If there is a number I can call at DoDCAF to inquire, can someone please share?

That does seem to be a bit slow compared with recent numbers. I would contact your security office and have them reach out but it’s pretty much a black box. Otherwise contact your congressperson or representative.

There use to be a number, it no longer “exists”.

I knowledgeable person on this site said adjudications have been taking around 7-8 months. I myself am surprised at how long mine is taking also.

I’m skeptical of the stats they release compared to the timelines I see on here. Having trouble contacting my FSO so I may have to reach out to my rep. Any idea how long the turn-around on that is?

7-8 months for an initial secret? That’s whack. I hope you hear soon!

It sure is. I hope the same for you. It is very unfair to keep ppl in the lurch.