Why is my adjudication taking so long?

All, I would like to disclose is that I am undergoing adjudication for an SSBI for a generic contractor position and investigation closed on the 31st of December and possibly again on the 1st of February. I read in many places that adjudication is the fastest part of the investigation process. If it has been officially deemed closed on the 31st of December then why is it taking this long? What if it was possibly closed on the first of February?

At any rate, could anyone with knowledge and insight on the matter please help me (and others in a circumstance similar to mine) figure out a timeline?

Thank you!

I have not seen this, and certainly have not found this to be the case. The only thing I can say about this part of the process is that we get even less information than during the investigation phase.

I’ve been in DoD adjudication for more than a year now. Some people get stuck for years, some people get done in a few days. Nobody really knows why.

If your investigation closed on February 1, 2019, you may not even be assigned to an adjudicator yet.

Are adjudication times different for DoD and a federal position that is not a CI or LEO?

Thank you always!

My investigation closed end of August, beginning of September. I am seeing people get theirs within 2-3 weeks on average, however, I am still waiting for mine 90+ days later. Any thoughts or insights?

Adjudication is a very involved process and not simply a decision following one review of the ROI and security forms. And then there is a quality control review at the end of the process. Of all the personnel security functions, adjudication is arguably the most complex.

I’ve been in adjudication for 26 months. It takes time.

Omg! For what level and position?

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