Post-Investigation Phase

How long does the case-review process typically take after the BI is completed and before it is sent up to adjudication?


There really isn’t an answer. Typically cases are due 30 days from the day it’s opened but that isn’t always the case. Especially if they need to interview other people. Mine took 60 days from the day it was opened to close and be sent to adjudication but I have been waiting for 7 months since it has closed and still no adjudication.

Are you sure it’s actually closed and in adjudication? Mine investigation alone has taken over 7 months. I thought adjudication was normally completed within 90 days or less if they didn’t need anymore info.

My security manager showed me the JPAS site saying closed 8/28/2018. Not sure where it is or why it wouldn’t be in adjudication to be honest. But I know they use DISS now instead of JPAS and my security manager does not have access to DISS yet.