BI closed but still under review?

I reached out to my AFSO, and he said that my BI is marked as closed, but it is still under review by OPM and he would send a message to them to get a status. How can my case be closed but still under review? I thought it was reviewed by OPM before closing.

Here’s a link to a similar post:

After the investigation closes (i.e. they have done all of the steps and acquired the information they desired), the case is reviewed before being sent to adjudication.

I would hope the OPM review doesn’t take 30 days-6 months as the other person said…

If you spend some time on this discussion board, you will find that literally nothing has a defined timeline when it comes to clearances. Anything (SF-86, internal review, any part of the investigation, OPM review, adjudication) can become a major sticking point. There is also significant reporting bias. You will hear from the people who have gotten stuck, rather than those who haven’t.

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Very true. I don’t believe I am stuck, just impatient. I know most of my co-workers get their clearances way faster than what ppl post on this forum. I believe most ppl aren’t actually in adjudication when they think they are. I know regulation states that adjudication decisions must be made within 90 days of either case closure or when DoDCAF receives the case, not sure which. But whether the 90 day rule is actually followed is unbeknownst to me. I know adjudicators on the various forums say they adjudicate within 20-30 days, but again, idk if that’s after case closure by OPM or after they actually get the file.

I can’t find a clear answer for the 90 day rule. Presumably DoDCAF wouldn’t want to lose some of their 90 day timeframe if NBIB/OPM decided to wait a few weeks between closing and sending it off for adjudication, so I would presume it is from the time that DoDCAF receives the case. It might even be that it is 90 days from the time that it is assigned to an adjudicator, giving a further possible wait time between it going to DoDCAF and the 90 day clock starting.