Investigation closed question

Hey everyone I was hoping someone would be able to help me out in answering my question. I called OPM early today and was finally informed that my investigation has been closed. Whilst on the phone, I asked what the status of my case is now and they told me to contact my FSO.

I contacted my security officer and informed her what OPM told me and she confirmed what they said. She told me that my case has been sent to “full review” then adjudication. I asked how long that could possibly take and from anywhere to 30 days to 6 months.

So my question… Is this the normal step to receiving a secret clearance? I thought I would go into adjudication after having my case closed. They bypassed a interim if that means anything. Thank you to anyone who reads and answers my question.

The investigation is being reviewed for completeness before being sent to adjudication. The review shouldn’t take long (I don’t think) unless the reviewer identifies a problem.

Thanks for replying so quickly. One other question… I’m worried about not getting a clearance and getting fired which would devistate my family. I have some debt issued totaling around 2500 in collection. However I am making payments and have been for a while now. I told my FSO this and no one’s has asked for proof (yet) do you think that my FSO would relay that information to the adjudicators? Or should I expect them to contact me? Thank you very much.

Did you list said debt on your sf-86?

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This debt should have been listed on your SF-86. If not, it will likely come up and be an issue. If it’s listed, you shouldn’t have much of a problem if you are already addressing it. If you didn’t start payments until your clearance process started, you might have a small problem but it should be addressable. If it’s not on your SF-86, there better a good reason, like the problem started AFTER your SF-86. Even in that case, you can likely still get your clearance but you have made your path much more difficult.


Yeah I listed it on there.

Let it play out. As long as there are no other issues present (alcohol, criminal, etc.) you should be fine.

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And continue to nibble away at this debt.

Unless there was a full discussion of this debt during the investigation I can see this coming back in the form of a request for additional info from the adjudicator. So even though the investigation is closed, the adjudicator can still ask for additional details or clarification.

If that happens, I always say it is a good sign because it means your case is actually in front of somebody and no longer waiting in some queue.

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Thank you everyone. Your replies have answered my concerns.