First ever Secret Clearance

I submitted my SF86 January of this year for first time Secret Clearance. Had my interview with the investigator June 12. Was just informed by my Security manager that my investigation had closed on August 8 and is now in adjudication, according to him and also my OIC that I should be good to go any day now. Is that true? No issues were found as far as I know. Security manager says the same thing. He has said that its just a matter of getting it signed off and Im done. Does he really know ? Is it really that cut and dry? No issues or red marks came up during the investigation so is it really a done deal?

No . . . I don’t think that either really knows . . . I don’t think that they should be telling you that adjudication can happen “in days” or that it’s just a matter of “getting it signed off”. If you look around here, you will see many people stuck in adjudication for months. My expectation is that your file hasn’t even been assigned to an adjudicator yet. That can take 30 to 60 days.

I’m not saying that it CAN’T happen next week . . . There’s just no way to know. I expect that the security manager is just trying to keep you happy and stop you from pursuing other work because you seem like a great candidate.

But, nobody knows how long this will take.


My thoughts as well. Thank you for the feedback EdFarmerIII.

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