Adjudication timeline question

Hi all,

I am curious of opinions with my security clearance situation. I am currently awaiting adjudication on a secret clearance to work as a contractor at USAID.

SF86 submitted June 16
Interview sometime in mid July
Investigation ended August 15
Still waiting for adjudication and was told to expect November/December for an answer

That long of an adjudication seems crazy long to me - thoughts??

I have recent recreational Marijuanna use in the last 12 months that I was completely open and honest about. It was in DC through a dispensary, so “legal” in the district. Had I known I was gonna be taking this job I never would’ve done it. Outside of that I have never been arrested, never been in trouble, never even gotten a speeding ticket. No foreign contacts or anything like that. My wife and I are expecting our first child in February and I need to be working ASAP. The BI called my job of two years to check in on me and they let me go after that - really sucks. Got a part time job right now to keep bills paid but that hardly cuts it. Anyway, I’d welcome any thoughts on what may be happening with my adjudication process even though I know every case is different.

Thanks and have a great day

With the recent drug use it would be a flag that needs further review. Did you state your intent to cease all future use? If s o I would probably expect a letter of warning about it prior to being granted eligibilty.

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Yes made it 100% clear I have no intentions to continue. I assumed the letter which wouldn’t be a problem.

Also - does anyone know if the looming government shutdown would kill the adjudication process? Very new to the security space. Thanks!

I am in the same boat, waiting for the adjudication result. My investigation closed in July.

I know some people’s adjudication only takes 14 days after the investigation closes.

How do you know your investigation closed and went to adjudication August 15th? That seems really fast if your interview was in mid-June and you have recent drug use.

My secret case was sent over to adjudications in mid September, I’m digging around and trying to find the worst case scenario for my boss this morning. I’m nearing 8 months, and the upper rank’s patience is getting exhausted very quickly. I’m guessing I have no hope at all before January.

• Date of Hire: 1-10-22
• SAC investigation completed on 1-28-22
• Teir 3 investigation completed on 7-18-22
• A determination of No Action Taken on 9-28-22 was posted on DISS but not communicated. I was not informed of this decision nor that they needed more information to continue the investigation until my Core lead independently investigated my status in early October of 2022.
I was then contacted by a new DOD Investigator (the third investigator) who informed me of the additional information needed which was resubmitted by 11-22-22
• RSI investigation completed on 11-22-22
• My adjudication for secret has been in progress with DOD CAS since June 2023.

When I filled out my SF-86 I completed it with the highest of integrity and was 100% truthful because that is who I am as a person. I don’t feel my past should be held against me, as I was a young adult when I had two incidents. (1) When I was 18, I was self-admitted to a medical facility for depression, I am currently on medication, my depression is well managed, and I am not experiencing symptoms of depression. (2) when I was 20, I was charged with PWID (marijuana) and the charge was disposed. I do not use any illegal drugs to include but not limited to marijuana.

I have also been waiting too long and risk losing my job after the holidays if they don’t make a decision. If anyone has knowledge of a Lawyer that may be able to help, i would greatly appreciate it.

This probably doesn’t help, but I commiserate with you. I have mental health in my minor years and no drug history, and I seem to be in the slow lane every time I hit adjudication.

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I am still under adjudication. Anybody knows if a lawyer could help? Where I could find such a lawyer?

At least to find out what is going on in the background with my case?

My case is also with DoD CAS.

And now I am in the same boat!

Do not waste money on lawyers who would not help you in speeding up the adjudication. Just wait to hear from them and you will!


Find out who your senator is and ask for their help in contacting DODCAS to see where the process is at… 10 days after my senator responded, DOD CAS requested the additional information from me. I hope this helps! Unfortunately I was laid off two days after they requested more information … but I am still holding out hope!


@still_uncleared Do you believe that senator letter may have started the fire towards your layoff or was it just a coincidence?

Oh that is so scary! My employer put in several CSR’s and request to adjudicate. I got hit with “No action taken” on the 2nd and my BI contacted me a couple weeks ago. I just spoke to him today and he said he tasked out someone to talk to my therapist. Which is fine, but I set up the release at my Dr’s office for just the BI so there’s going to be a lag and a half I think before more forward progress happens.

I’m so sorry they laid you off! That is so frustrating!!

Do you mind telling us what kind of information being requested? Is it possible that the nature of the requested information led your layoff, probably because it is too negative?