Adjudication for SF-86, Civilian Position

I completed an SF-86 for a National Security Clearance (not sure what Tier that is), and have surprisingly already had my interview with my BI. I have limited travel within the last 10 years, and have lived in the same city for the last 10, as well. Due to this, my BI felt she would have her portion of the investigation completed within 2 weeks, which I took with a grain of salt given what I’ve read. However, almost all of my references were contacted within the first 2 days following my meeting with her, as well as my current place of work. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the speed of the process so far. Ultimately, I knew she could not speak for the timeline in regards to adjudication, but I forgot to ask if at the close of her investigation when she forwards it for adjudication, am I notified? This is for a civilian position with DHS. Are their Bi’s outsourced for adjudication? I don’t have any contact listed on the job announcement other than a general phone number. Any insight always appreciated!

It really depends. Are you going to a secret or top secret clearance?

@BD1985 honestly not sure. I was advised National Security Clearance. Tier 5 BI.